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A local mapping project using data from OpenStreetMap. Includes overlays, walking directions and historical information.
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Bexhill-OSM -

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Searchable OpenStreetMap data showing POIs, walking directions, overlays, history and other information for the town of Bexhill-on-Sea, UK

Image of Bexhill-OSM


  • Mobile and desktop friendly
  • Local caching of API requests
  • Detailed POI markers through Overpass API
    • Bookmark favourite POIs
    • Facility icons
      • Wheelchair (key:wheelchair)
      • Internet (key:internet_access)
      • Dog (key:dog)
      • Toilets (key:male, key:female, key:unisex, key:diaper)
      • Recycling types (key:recycling:*)
      • Telephone (key:sms)
      • Bus-stop (key:bin, key:bench)
      • Covered (key:covered, key:shelter)
    • Payment parser (key:payment:*)
    • Diet parser (key:diet:*)
    • Cuisine parser (key:cuisine, key:breakfast, key:lunch)
    • Ordering parser (key:takeaway, key:delivery, key:outdoor_searing, key:beer_garden, key:reservation)
    • Building details (key:architect, key:building:architecture, key:start_date, key:HE_ref, key:listed_status)
    • Current open state with 7 day opening hours table (key:opening_hours)
    • Last postbox collection time state (key:collection_times)
    • UK Food Hygiene Rating System API (key:fhrs:id)
    • Real-time Traveline API information on bus-stops (key:naptan:AtcoCode)
    • Multiple image support including Wikimedia Commons API (key:wikimedia_commons, key:image, key:image_1, key:image_2, etc)
    • 360 spherical panorama support using Wikimedia Commons (key:image:360)
  • Find an address by searching (Nominatim > Overpass)
  • Query any feature on map (Nominatim > Overpass)
  • Selected place on map becomes highlighted (OpenStreetMap API)
  • Manually select groups of POIs from list or using a keyword
  • Group POI result list with current open state
  • Detailed walking directions with Mapbox API
  • View suggested walking routes
  • Geolocate user and get walking directions from that point
  • Historic tour articles that link to various overlays on the map
  • Direct link to edit an element on OSM or leave a note
  • Share current map state with dynamic permalink
  • Various settings to adjust map display
  • OpenWeatherMap API
  • Debugging tools


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