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Prints a fancy summary of the CPU with some advanced information


This tool works on both 64 only and under Linux because of its implementation details. AMD support is not guaranteed so information may not be correct

Usage and installation

Just clone the repo and use make to compile it

git clone
cd cpufetch


This is the output of cpufetch in a i7-4790K



Output is detailed as follows:

Field Description Possible Values
Name Name of the CPU Any valid CPU name
Frequency Max frequency of the CPU(in GHz) X.XX(GHz or MHz)
N.Cores Number of cores the CPU has. If CPU supports Hyperthreading or similar, this will show cores and threads separately X(cores)X(threads)
AVX Type of AVX supported by the CPU or None. AVX instructions allows the CPU to vectorize the code with a witdh of 256 bits in single precision(or 512bits if AVX512 is supported) AVX,AVX2,AVX512,None
SSE Same as AVX, but SSE family are 128bits witdh SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4a, SSE4_1, SSE4_2,None
FMA Does this CPU support FMA(Fused Multiply Add)?This instruction allows the CPU to multiply and add a value on the same clock cycle FMA3,FMA4,None
AES Does this CPU support AES? This instruction is allows the CPU to make AES cypher efficiently Yes or No
SHA Does this CPU support SHA? This instruction is allows the CPU to make SHA hashing efficiently Yes or No
L1 Size Size(in bytes) of the L1 cache, separated in data and instructions XXB(Data)XXB(instructions)
L2 Size Size(in bytes) of the L2 cache(both are unified) XXXKB or None
L3 Size Same as L3 XXXXKB or None
Peak FLOPS Max FLOPS(Floating Point Operation Per Second) this CPU could theoretical achieve. This is calculated by: N.Cores*Freq*2(Because 2 functional units)*2(If has FMA)*VectorWidth XXX.XX (G/T)FLOPs

cpufetch also prints a simple ascii art of the manufacturer logo.


cpufetch makes use of two techniques to fetch data:

Bugs or improvements

Feel free to open a issue on the repo to report a issue or propose any improvement in the tool