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Thanks for trying Freemail!

This is the first release of Freemail, and so may (read: does) have bugs that I haven't found yet. Please do report them at

Using Freemail
You can compile from source:

compile: (however you compile Java, an ant buildfile is supplied)

To build with ant, if the default configuration of a Fred clone in ../fred
doesn't match yours, create a file with content similar to
the following:

freenet-s-snapshot.location = ../freenet/freenet.jar
freenet-ext.location = ../freenet/freenet-ext.jar
bcprov.location = ../fred-staging/lib/bcprov.jar
test.skip = true

Now run `ant clean; ant`
(if you have a working junit.jar, remove the test.skip line)

run with --newaccount <account name> to create an account, eg:

...or you can fetch the most recent Freemail jar from:

Once you've done one of those steps, create an account (replace java -jar with however you run jar files on your system):

java -jar Freemail.jar --newaccount fred

Use --passwd <account> <passwd> to set your password

java -jar Freemail.jar --passwd fred fredspassword


java -jar Freemail.jar

(You can also specify the address (host) and port of your Freenet node
using -h and -p respectively, if they are not the defaults).

Set up your email client to point at IMAP port 3143 and SMTP port 3025.

Feel free to Freemail me on dave@dbkr.freemail! If that doesn't work, my real email address is

Good luck!