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A UIView subclass that supports UIVisualEffect without the boiler plate code
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License: MIT Version

A UIView subclass that supports UIVisualEffect without all the boiler plate code needed to create one and nest the view hierarchy. It's really easy to use, you can use it in xib document, create one programmatically or install on an already placed view.


  • iOS8 or above
  • Autolayout


Directly in storyboard or .xib using Interface Builder

You can create AFBlurView directly in a xib document, by placing a UIView and changing the custom class in the identity inspector. Even if the best way is later add another subview with inside all the contents that you want to display AFBlurView will move all its single subviews into the blur/vibracy hidden content view by keeping the original constraints. Using the attribute inspector is also possible to set the vibrancy effect (enabled/disabled) and the blur style. Unfortunately the blur style is represented using integers:

  • 0 = ExtraLightBlur
  • 1 = LightBlur
  • 2 = DarkBlur

Installing it under an already existing UIView BETA

Using the class method:

+ (instancetype) installAndMakeSubview:(UIView*) view;

is possible to make and already existing view with all its subviews be a subview of the blur/vibracy hidden content view by keeping the original constraints.

Create it programmatically

Using that method is possible to create an AFBlurView

- (instancetype) initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame
               withEffectStyle:(AFBlurEffect) style
                   andVibrancy:(BOOL) vibrancyEnabled;


To enable or disable the vibrancy effect use the property:

@property (assign, nonatomic, getter=isVibrancyEnabled) IBInspectable BOOL vibrancyEnabled;

To change the blur effect, use the property:

@property (assign, nonatomic)  AFBlurEffect  blurEffect;

AFBlurEffect is a remap of the UIVisualEffect enumeration and has these effects:

  • AFBlurEffectExtraLight
  • AFBlurEffectLight
  • AFBlurEffectDark


Just copy the two files AFBlurView .h .m in your project.


AFBlurView is released under MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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