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Releases: DrBeef/QuakeGVR

Controller deadzone

28 Apr 08:38
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new cvar cl_controllerdeadzone can be set to a floating point value between 0 and
1 to configure controller deadzone to prevent drift.

NOTE: I've not been able test this myself as I don't currently have access to my controller, so if it doesn't work I'll remove this release and try again at some point.

Small default config improvements = (hopefully) big performance improvements

27 Apr 14:11
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Config file changes:

Changed the defaults of the following suggested configuration items:
sys_ticrate 0.0166667
"gl_nopartialtextureupdates" "1"

Interpolation smoothing to the positional tracking

Thanks to QUAKEULUS and neitey for a lot of effort to track down the above two config items!

Resolved issue with gamepad only mode

15 Nov 13:40
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If not playing with a 3DoF controller then the controls were messed up and it wasn't possible to play. I have now fixed this.

Small Improvements..

11 Nov 20:48
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  • Joystick + 3DoF combination - left thumbstick movement is based on HMD
    orientation, not on the 3DoF controller
  • Added cvar to allow user to decide waepon offset if desired, can be
    set to 0 in config.cfg for use with dpmod:

"cl_weaponoffset" "0"

Note that the default offset (0.15) is in the direction of the 3DoF handedness (right or left handed controller)

Super Sampling

30 Oct 22:34
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A commandline.txt file is now automatically created in the QGVR folder if one doesn't already exist, in this file it is possible to supply a supersampling multiplier to improve the graphical fidelity. By default, the render target (currently) for Gear VR is 1024 x 1024 pixels. The supersampling multiplier will increase the number of pixels used in the render target, which will improve image clarity (at the expense of performance).

For example, a supersampling multiplier of 1.2 will result in a render target of 1228 x 1228 pixels.

It is also possible to increase or decrease the cpu and gpu levels, the defaults are currently defined in the sample commandline.txt

Brighter torch..

27 Oct 14:18
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Brightened up the Torchlight aim mode, torch light was a little bit too dim.

Installation instructions can be found on the first release..

Extra Tweaks..

23 Oct 22:05
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  • Additional aim-sight mode: Torchlight (a bit more subtle than a red beam or a blob)
  • Gun offset to location of user's dominant hand as before

Laser Sight!

22 Oct 21:56
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Extra features in this release

  • Laser Sight (makes things a bit easier)
  • Access to Mods menu is fixed
  • Change to the way Camera based positional tracking works (gun no
    longer follows head)
  • Additional controller method - movement based on HMD orientation
    rather than controller

3DOF Controls and Positional Tracking

17 Oct 22:48
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This release adds full support for the Gear VR controller as well as positional tracking using Google's ArCore.

In order to install this on your Gear VR you will need to inject your OSIG into it. A helpful utility such as this can do the trick:

Gear VR Injector

In order to use the positional tracking through ArCore, you will need a device that supports ArCore (I imagine all Samsung Gear VR enabled phones are capable) and you'll also need to install the ArCore package from Google Play here:

Google Play - ArCore

Several things to note:

  • Bluetooth Gamepad is still supported, and can be used in conjunction with the Gear VR controller
  • This should work on Oculus GO, but I've not tried it (I don't own one)
  • To change weapon, roll the controller left or right > 60 degrees
  • To see a pass-through from the camera while positional tracking is working, simply touch the trackpad on the headset
  • If you are playing "world scale", you do so at your own risk.. I won;t be held responsible for people injuring themselves while playing. Please use the camera pass-through frequently