Small and simple Providers for the Silex PHP 5.3+ framework
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Silex Providers

Some small Service Providers for the Silex framework. For the moment, we only have 3 Providers there - but more will come ! :-)


This Provider creates a shared instance of Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract (Zend Framework v1.x), usable via $app['zend.db'].

Yes, we already have a Doctrine-DBAL Provider provided with Silex, but for various reasons I prefer the Zend_Db API.

  • for instance, I haven't been able to use any 'NOW()' clause with Doctrine-DBAL insert method, because of the lack of a Zend_Db_Expr mecanism ; this is really frustrating...

The base idea for this Provider comes from this blog post.

To include the full Zend Framework in your project, you can use this ZendFramework-1.x repository with Composer.


  • zend.db.adapter : see Zend_Db_Adapter documentation. Example: "pdo_mysql".
  • zend.class_path (optional) : if your ZF environment has not been already set, you will have to provide this parameter fo its initialization.
  • (optional) : your DB host
  • zend.db.dbname (optional) : your DB name
  • zend.db.username (optional) : your DB username
  • zend.db.password (optional) : your DB password
  • zend.db.profiler.enabled (optional) : set this to true to enable the Zend_Db_Profiler
  • zend.db.profiler.log_file_path (optional) : set this with the previous parameter to enable an automatic queries log


  • zend.db : The Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract instance.
  • zend.db.profiler : If you have set 'zend.db.profiler.enabled' to true, you will have access to this instance of Zend_Db_Profiler.

Example usage:

// Let's add a user email in a newsletter table...
$app['zend.db']->insert('newsletter_subscriptions', array(
        'email' =>          $newEmail,
        'creation_date' =>  new \Zend_Db_Expr('NOW()'),
// ...and retrieve it
$select = $app['zend.db']->select()
            ->from('newsletter_subscriptions', 'email')
            ->where('email=?', newEmail);
$insertedEmail = $select->query()->fetchColumn();
// Zend_Db API is very powerful, and yet easy to use ! @see 


// Zend_Db API init
$app->register(new DrBenton\Silex\Provider\ZendDbProvider(), array(
    'zend.class_path'                   => APP_ROOT.'/vendor/zend-framework/lib',
    'zend.db.profiler.enabled'          => $app['debug'],
    'zend.db.profiler.log_file_path'    => APP_ROOT . '/app/logs/db.log',
    'zend.db.adapter'                   => 'pdo_mysql',
    ''                      => 'localhost',
    'zend.db.dbname'                    => 'test_db',
    'zend.db.username'                  => 'test_user',
    'zend.db.password'                  => 'text_password',
) );


This Provider is outdated, and will be rewritten soon with @leafo's LessPHP library.