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docker-compose.yml - online resume

What could be more pleasant than totally over-engineering your online resume when you're a Web Developer in 2010+ ?

The previous version was based on Node.js, CoffeeScript and gulp.
For this version I wanted to test a "full PHP" setup - including assets management. Well... It works! :-)

So, in order to generate only 2 HTML pages and 2 PDF files, I've had the pleasure to use the following technologies:

  • Robo as a task runner. It's very different from Grunt/gulp, as there is no tasks dependencies management, but it's a nice tool to work with it - and there are a lot of built-in tasks.
  • Symfony Dependency Injection container: as a Symfony developer, it's hard for me to work without it now - even if it's for a dumb CLI app like this one :-)
    Isn't it cool to wire all application components in a YAML file?
  • Composer packages which allows one to have a local pre-built binary version of Wkhtmltopdf or Node.js - for both Windows and Linux. This is quite handy.
    (see "h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-amd64", "wemersonjanuario/wkhtmltopdf-windows" and "mouf/nodejs-installer" on Packagist)
  • Even if it's probably not as efficient as dedicated tools in Node.js, it's possible to use SCSS compilation and CSS minification in "pure PHP". Can be useful.

Because my new shiny-but-not-yet-supported-laptop can't run Ubuntu at the moment, I had to work on this app on Windows. Yes, it's been a pain.
But thanks to that I could notice that PHP tools (and especially Symfony components) have a better support of Windows nowadays. PHP is really a multiplatform programming language now!


See the Robofile for build tasks.


# For a single prod build:
$ php vendor/codegyre/robo/robo build
# For a single prod build with Google Analytics tracking: (Twelve Factors app! :-)
$ GA_TRACKING_CODE=UA-XXXXXXXX-X php vendor/codegyre/robo/robo build
# (Similarly, you can set a "WKHTML_TO_PDF_PATH" env var for a custom wkhtmltopdf binary file path)  
# For a continuous "dev" build, automatically updated on files changes:
$ php vendor/codegyre/robo/robo watch
# Of course, Robo commands are easier to use with something like this:
$ alias robo='php vendor/codegyre/robo/robo'
# Docker
# If you have Docker & Docker Compose:
$ docker-compose run --rm composer install
$ docker-compose run --rm robo build


Excepted files in the "front-end-assets/img/icons/" folder, this app is licensed under the MIT license.