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InDEx App - Public Release (v1.0.0) DOI-Software

InDEx is a software package for reporting and monitoring alcohol consumption via a smartphone application. Consumption of alcohol is self-reported by the user, with the app providing a visual representation of drinking behaviour and consumption levels compared to the general population. The app was developed by Dr Daniel Leightley of the King's Centre for Military Health Research funded by a Medical Research Council Grant led by Dr Laura Goodwin and Professor Nicola Fear.

Table of Contents


The InDEx app has been released under GNU General Public License (v3) license to promote open source app development and sharing of innovation within the research community. Simply, use freely but make your software accessible to others.


You can cite this software using the following reference:

Leightley, D., Puddephatt, J., Goodwin, L., Roberto, R., Fear, N. T., (2018). InDEx: Open source iOS and Android software for self-reporting and monitoring of alcohol consumption. Journal of Open Research Software 6(1), p.13. DOI:

Getting Started

  • Download the installer for Node.js.
  • Install the ionic CLI globally: npm install -g ionic (life saver)
  • Clone this repository: git clone
  • Run npm install from the project root.
  • Run ionic serve in a terminal from the project root.
  • Enjoy. 🍻

Note: You may need to add “sudo” in front of any global commands to install the utilities.

App Preview

Try it live

All app preview screenshots were taken by running ionic serve --l.


  • PWA - run npm run ionic:build --prod and then push the www folder to your favorite hosting service
  • Android - Run ionic cordova run android --prod
  • iOS - Run ionic cordova run ios --prod



Whilst building InDEx with Ionic, it was great to have code separated out into separate files with plenty of white space to increase readability and rapid detection of errors. However, when submitting the application to iOS or Android App Stores it is important that the project source code is obfuscated. Currently this has not been implemented and all code has been separated (see /www/index.html for an example). However, cordovda-uglify is setup for the task.


The InDEx app was built upon a RESTful API service (info graphic here). However, due the API being tightly coupled to the King’s Centre for Military Health Research network we have chosen to release the InDEx app as a standalone application. It is very easy to implement a RESTful API within the platform. Future releases of InDEx will also include the backend API.

Other Publications

This section will be updated with references to publications based on the InDEx app.

Future Work

The app is currently under active development for v2.0.0, the codebase is due for release post testing in early 2019. If you are interested in finding out more, before this time, please contact Dr Daniel Leightley.

SVG Images

All SVG icons have been sourced from FlatIcon.