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Twitter Archive Browser

Twitter Archive Browser (TAB), is a basic tool to work with downloads of Twitter account data. It runs entirely using JavaScript in the browser so it should be easy for non-programmers especially.

Twitter used to include a tool for viewing this data, but eventually changed the format and stopped including anything to use the data. TAB exists to make that data something that can be used.


  • Browse tweets chronologically
  • Filter tweets by date range
  • Filter tweets that contain text
  • Embeds local copies of images and video


Fist download your account's Twitter archive.

Then download TAB.

Extract TAB into a folder, then extract the Twitter archive into the archive folder.

Run tab.html. Your tweets should load after a few moments and then you can use the navigation tools and filters as needed.

There are no restrictions and the entire Tweet archive is loaded on page load. You can easily hang the site by attempting to list too many Tweets at once.

I developed TAB using an archive of my personal Twitter account created in late 2018. The tweets.js file is close to 90 MB and the tool has no issues given a reasonable number of Tweets to show.

This tool is a little rough around the edges as it was developed for personal use, but I figured others might be interested.

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