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Update 'before' hook doco

* BUGFIX: document that the hook gets a sub-ref argument
    commit 0366507 seems
    to have got lost somewhere
* clarify that a naked 'before' is deprecated
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commit 00f2ec9ba3920ca90d481f724a78add206d7f41a 1 parent 245734e
@DrHyde authored
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12 lib/
@@ -925,17 +925,17 @@ This hook receives as argument a L<Dancer::Error> object.
=item before
-This is an alias to C<before>.
+This hook receives one argument, a reference to the subroutine that
+implements the route that is being intercepted by this hook.
-This hook receives no arguments.
- before sub {
+ hook before => sub {
+ my $route_handler = shift;
-is equivalent to
+it is equivalent to the deprecated
- hook before => sub {
+ before sub {
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