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Implementation of our ECCV '18 paper " Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory".


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This repository contains the code for our ECCV '18 paper:

Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory

Ameya Prabhu*, Girish Varma* and Anoop Namboodiri (* Authors contributed equally).


If you find our work useful in your research, please consider citing:

author = {Prabhu, Ameya and Varma, Girish and Namboodiri, Anoop},
title = {Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory},
booktitle = {The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)},
month = {September},
year = {2018}


Efficient CNN designs like ResNets and DenseNet were proposed to improve accuracy vs efficiency trade-offs. They essentially increased the connectivity, allowing efficient information flow across layers. Inspired by these techniques, we propose to model connections between filters of a CNN using graphs which are simultaneously sparse and well connected. Sparsity results in efficiency while well connectedness can preserve the expressive power of the CNNs.

We use a well-studied class of graphs from theoretical computer science that satisfies these properties known as Expander graphs. Expander graphs are used to model connections between filters in CNNs to design networks called X-Nets.

This repository contains the implementation used for the results in our paper.

Installation and Dependencies

Install PyTorch in a new anaconda environment by the command:

$ conda create --name expander_env
$ conda activate expander_env
$ conda install pytorch=0.3.1 torchvision cuda90 -c pytorch

or just simply create a new anaconda environment from the environment file:

$ conda create --name expander_env --file expander_env.txt
$ conda activate expander_env


First, create the ./code/savedmodels folder if it does not exist.

Here is an example to train a X-VGG network on CIFAR10:

bash;python --dataset='cifar10' --ngpus 1 --data_dir='../data' --workers=2 --epochs=300 --batch-size=128 --nclasses=10 --learningratescheduler='decayschedular' --decayinterval=30 --decaylevel=2 --optimType='sgd' --nesterov --maxlr=0.05 --minlr=0.0005 --weightDecay=5e-4 --model_def='vgg16cifar_bnexpander' --name='example_run' | tee "../logs/example_run_vgg_expander.txt"

Another example to train a X-DenseNet-BC with depth 40, growth rate 48 and having an expander graph compress all connections by a factor of 2 (expandSize=2) on CIFAR-100:

bash; python --dataset='cifar100' --ngpus 1 --data_dir='../data' --workers=2 --epochs=300 --batch-size=64 --nclasses=10 --learningratescheduler='cifarschedular' --optimType='sgd' --nesterov --maxlr=0.1 --minlr=0.0005 --weightDecay=1e-4 --model_def='densenet_cifar' --name='densenetexpander_40_48_2' --expandSize=2 --layers 40 --growth 48 --reduce 0.5 | tee '../logs/densenetexpander_40_48_2.txt'

An example on Imagenet:

We use the Pytorch dataloader format for the ImageNet dataset. Preprocessing instructions can be found here.

bash; python --dataset='imagenet12' --ngpus=1 --data_dir='<PATH TO IMAGENET FOLDER>' --nclasses=1000 --workers=8 --epochs=90 --batch-size=128 --learningratescheduler='imagenetschedular' --decayinterval=30 --decaylevel=10 --optimType='sgd' --verbose --maxlr=0.1 --nesterov --minlr=0.00001 --weightDecay=1e-4 --model_def='resnetexpander34' --expandSize=2 --name='imagenet_resnetexpander34_expandsize2' | tee "../logs/imagenet_resnetexpander34_expandsize2.txt"

Pretrained models available here:

Results on ImageNet

Model FLOPs Top-1 Err. Pytorch Model
X-Mobilenet0.5-2 85.8M 41.7 Download
X-Mobilenet0.5-4 53.7M 45.7 Download
X-Mobilenet0.5-8 37.6M 50.5 Download
X-Mobilenet0.5-16 29.5M 55.3 Download

Results on CIFAR

Model Params (in M) FLOPs (100M) CIFAR-10 CIFAR-100 Pytorch Model
X-DenseNet-BC-40-24-2 0.4M 1.44 94.83 74.37 Download
X-DenseNet-BC-40-36-2 0.75M 3.24 94.98 76.69 Download
X-DenseNet-BC-40-48-2 1.4M 5.75 95.48 77.7 Download
X-DenseNet-BC-40-60-2 2.15M 8.98 95.71 78.53 Download


Please do get in touch with us by email for any questions, comments, suggestions you have!

ameya dot pandurang dot prabhu at gmail dot com
girish dot varma at iiit dot ac dot in

Code format inspired from my mentor's codes Riddhiman Dasgupta

Formatting borrowed from the DenseNet repository


Implementation of our ECCV '18 paper " Deep Expander Networks: Efficient Deep Networks from Graph Theory".







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