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#Validanguage Overview

Validanguage is an inheritance-driven, open source javascript validation library designed to be the most feature-rich, user-friendly javascript validation frameworks available. It has been verified to work in all major browsers, including Internet Explorer (versions 6+), Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqueror and Chrome. A few of the major features of the library are listed below:

  • The documentation, and the functionality itself, was designed for use by both javascript-savvy Web developers and those with no experience writing javascript.
  • 100% unobtrusive javascript, name-spaced under the global validanguage object. No inline event handlers required (not even to block form submissions)
  • No external libraries required (optional Prototype, Dojo or jQuery integration)
  • Use inheritance to manage your validation settings. Define a setting globally, per-form, or per-element.
  • Supports a choice of two APIs:
    • HTML-like API placed inside comment tags. The choice for ease of use and simplicity.
    • Javascript Object-based API. For advanced configuration.
  • Cutting-edge ajax support with integrated caching mechanism and timeout behavior
  • Easily configure custom validation functions to be triggered onblur, onsubmit, onchange, etc.
  • Add onsuccess and onerror callback functions to integrate Validanguage into your existing site design.
  • All validation functions and onsuccess/onerror callbacks are scoped so that the this keyword refers to the validated element.
  • Easy-to-use keypress suppression.
  • Includes numerous useful "transformation" functions to aid in producing slick forms that dynamically respond to users' input

To view additional documentation visit:


Validanguage is an inheritance-driven, open source javascript validation library




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