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Dajngo SMS Aero

Simple Django application for send SMS via

Quick start

  1. Add "smsaero" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:

          'django_rq', # if you want use the queue of Redis
    # if you want use the queue of Redis
    RQ_QUEUES = {
          'default': {
              'HOST': 'localhost',
              'PORT': 6379,
              'DB': 0,
              'PASSWORD': '',
  2. Define SMSAERO_USER and SMSAERO_PASSWORD (raw password) or SMSAERO_PASSWORD_MD5 (hash of password) at

    SMSAERO_USER = 'username'
    # or
    SMSAERO_PASSWORD_MD5 = '202cb962ac59075b964b07152d234b70'
  3. Run `python syncdb` to create the smsaero models.

  4. Start the development server and visit to create a smsaero (you'll need the Admin app enabled).


Send SMS, check the SMS status, get account balance and get signatures:

from smsaero.utils import send_sms
from smsaero.utils import get_sms_status
from smsaero.utils import get_balance
from smsaero.utils import get_signatures_name
from smsaero.models import SMSMessage

# Send SMS
sms = send_sms('+79998881122', 'Some text...') # sms has SMSMessage type
print sms.sms_id # id of accepted message
print sms.get_status_display() # status

# Check SMS status
status = get_sms_status(sms.sms_id) # returned string

# Get balance of accaunt
print get_balance() # returned the rubbles

# Get array of signature names
print get_signatures_name() # Array of string
Running workers::
python rqworker default

Async send SMS:

from smsaero.urils import send_sms_async
from smsaero.urils import get_sms_status_async
from smsaero.urils import get_balance_async
from smsaero.urils import get_signatures_name_async
from smsaero.models import SMSMessage

# Send SMS
job = send_sms_async('+79998881122', 'Some text...')
job.result # result has SMSMessage type

job = get_sms_status_async(sms.sms_id)
job.result # return string

job = get_balance_asunc()
job.result # returned the rubbles

job = get_signatures_name()
job.result # Array of string