MongoDB admin app built on MeteorJs.
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Dr. Mongo is deprecated. Please visit our new desktop app Dr. Mingo.

Dr. Mongo

MongoDB admin app built on MeteorJs.

Dr. Mongo is a stand-alone application allowing you to connect to several Mongo DB simultaneously. This means you only have to have one instance running to connect to any of your databases.

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Help needed

We would like to have a new logo for Dr. Mongo and would appreciate any designer's help. Credits will be given :) Thanks. Details here:


Dr. Mongo runs as a Meteor application, so you need to have Meteor installed, first.

curl | sh

More info about installing meteor:

Then clone and run Dr. Mongo:

$ git clone
$ cd DrMongo
$ meteor npm install
$ meteor --port 3040

Your Dr. Mongo instance has to be running along with your other Meteor apps, so we use port 3040, but you are free to use any port.

Once your app is running, go to:

Connecting to Meteor database

If your meteor running on port 3000 use port 3001 in connection as Meteor always creates its mongodb on a port of app + 1. So mongo URI will be mongodb://localhost:3001/meteor


Navigate to your root directory of Dr. Mongo and run $ git pull


Can be Dr. Mongo installed as meteor package?

Not yet. We are planning on building Dr. Mongo as a OSX/Win/Linux application and as a Meteor package, also.