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Automatic view loading for Kohana.
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Prophet for Kohana

Predicting views based on the controller and action for a
current request so you don't have to.

I created Prophet to provide an automatic way of initialising views within my Kohana applications. Using the class of your choice a view will be initialised and render as the request response unless overridden. I have used Prophet personally with Kohana Views and Kostache but it should work for any view mechanism that has a factory method which parameter is a view location path.


To start using prophet you don't need much, well theres 4 installing Kohana and enabling the module in your bootstrap.php file. After getting thus far you need to extend the Prophet_Controller in your own Controllers. Take this example:

class Controller_Blog extends Prophet_Controller {

    public function action_index() {}


Now blog/index will automatically render the view found in "APPPATH/views/blog/index.php" without anything else being specified.

Using Kostache

In order to use Kostache instead of the default Kohana views simply define the class in your controller:

class Controller_Blog extends Prophet_Controller {

    public $view_class = 'Kostache';

    public function action_index() {}


Now "APPPATH/classes/view/blog/index.php" will be used by Kostache along with the corresponding template found in "APPPATH/templates/blog/index.mustache".

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