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+ DrQueue has been written and maintained by:
Jorge Daza Garcia-Blanes <>
+ Only posible thanks to the contribution of:
Andreas Schroeder <> developer: DrQueueOnRails webfrontend, Ruby bindings
Carlos Oliva <> developer: Turtle renderder support, MacOS X Installer
Brendan Orr <> scripting-hacker:, and
Christian Boustany (Noor Entertainment <>) developer: Mental Ray standalone support
Goran Kocov <> developer/blender: Blender support on sendjob and the python script to send jobs directly from blender
Kevin "Insane" Mahoney : how can I say "Thanks ! You the man"
Marco Gaib <> contributor/translator: German translation of drqman (version 0.44)
Marc Ume <> developer: Pixie renderer support
Oliver Hotz <> developer: windows support; terragen support, nuke support
Peter Riel <> developer: houdini mantra support
Shawn Parr <> The most famous Mac OS X documentation online and best feedback.
Theodore Schundler <> developer: FreeBSD support, tcpwrappers... and lot more.
Tobias Sauerwein <> developer: Aqsis support.
Vincent Dedun (aka kraken) <> developer: Windows Cygwin port.
Gaute Neslein Korsnes <> developer: Luxrender integration in Drqman
The weasel model used for the logo belongs to:
Gary Gegan <>