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Shitstorm: a weather app with a bad attitude.

Shitstorm gives you the weather and a thorough dressing-down at the same time. You can use it at

Supported countries

Right now Shitstorm only works in the UK. The vision was to launch this first version with at least some international support, but timezone issues and API efficiency decisions have led to this being UK only, for now at least. Attitudes to the weather are also themselves very culturally subjective - what we in the UK consider to be the best day of the year so far might be considered too gloomy to bother with in Naples.

Villages and hamlets

Currently only towns are supported by the search function - you should be able to get your small village using geolocation though. This is down to places like Little Piddlinghoe on Muckmire just being hard to find, because no one knows where they are. Sorry.

IP location as a fallback for geolocation

There are APIs available which would allow the user's IP address to be used to locate them as a fallback for if they have geolocation disabled. To have them work properly (with SSL enabled) requires a monthly subscription - so is a possibility if the app is ever monetised. Right now this project isn't motivated by money, but by a deep-seated desire to complain about the weather.

Varied complaints

The weather forecast feature gets a bit samey. It's an unfortunate fact that in winter in the UK the majority of the time the weather is, as Shitstorm puts it, "crap". This means that weather card after weather card tend to look the same. I may spend some time later coming up with a few synonyms for "crap" and have Shitstorm choose them at random, much the same way a resentful drunk chooses his own insults.

Feedback and collaboration

Both are welcome. My email address is My personal website is if you want to have a look at that too. I'd love to hear ideas on expanding the supported countries, or about any other projects you're interested in working on.

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