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Commits on Jul 02, 2009
Alex Smith My config now uses Planar's debug view by default e4ee7ed
Alex Smith Corpses can rot on dark squares, that doesn't mean it's a different l…
Alex Smith Announcements for pushing boulders into pits 79c1a1d
Alex Smith Better debug info in T::S::S 04eb4c7
Commits on Jul 03, 2009
Alex Smith Merge branch 'master' of
Fixing a trivial conflict in T::R::Initialize

Commits on Jul 07, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Factor out the Actionable special case into a role c9364e7
Commits on Jul 08, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Explain how to install TAEB in a custom location. a5a61b1
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Match "second-hand bookstore" 908d25b
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Detect missing item when there is nothing to apply. 5329f01
Commits on Jul 09, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Use miyagawa++'s applescript to start a terminal for mactaeb 8db2d51
Commits on Jul 10, 2009
Alex Smith Merge branch 'master' of git:// f0864c0
Commits on Jul 11, 2009
Jesse Luehrs doy Merge branch 'master' of git://
Jesse Luehrs doy remove what i'm assuming is a circular dep 3d52a7d
Jesse Luehrs doy use MooseX::ABC where appropriate 9704bdb
Jesse Luehrs doy bump dep for mx-abc, to avoid warnings b83c25d
Shawn M Moore sartak gitignore extlib bd19223
Shawn M Moore sartak Explicitly add /usr/bin/games and /opt/local/bin to PATH in mactaeb c492525
Shawn M Moore sartak Add /usr/bin too be4fbde
Shawn M Moore sartak Fix path once and for all 8b68156
Shawn M Moore sartak Avoid hitting the shell for the applescript invocation e3bfb96
Shawn M Moore sartak Going to bundle CocoaDialog 43ec053
Shawn M Moore sartak Add lib and local/lib 57d0889
Shawn M Moore sartak Tell bin/taeb about the new lib paths, quote some shit f03c8b6
Shawn M Moore sartak Explicitly use /usr/bin/perl 0d61c73
Shawn M Moore sartak Ignore lib/local/ d6cf1d8
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// 7457551
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of 9003e5e
Shawn M Moore sartak A bit of style cleanup in Travel d8dc509
Shawn M Moore sartak undef is not a valid value for Tile, but "no value" is 344cb4a
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// 74fec43
Shawn M Moore sartak Actually dump config if it doesn't exist 9084935
Sean Kelly seankelly Add taeb-logo.svg and .png ed9c9e1
Shawn M Moore sartak Add platypus config 33a996a
Commits on Jul 13, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear T:A:Unlock needs to match the actual attribute 0e9506f
Commits on Jul 17, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Don't assume a tile is a door for failing to push a boulder b31832f
Stefan O'Rear sorear When we fail to push a boulder, mark the opposing tile as rock if une…
Stefan O'Rear sorear Use a before run to find the obstacles and monsters in Throw, rather …
…than relying on target_tile
Stefan O'Rear sorear Move all human interaction to the end of the step, so it reveals a co…
…nsistent state
Stefan O'Rear sorear Implement a paused status
While the game is paused, steps will not be taken, the AI will
not be called, and you may enter as many interrogative commands
as you need.  Manipulative commands will automatically unpause
the game.
Stefan O'Rear sorear When the AI croaks in non-kiosk mode, pause and allow for same-sessio…
…n analysis or correction
Stefan O'Rear sorear Re-fix display synchronization 70501cd
Stefan O'Rear sorear Fix backward test that broke corpses ad4b562
Commits on Jul 18, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Rearrange croak2pause code to stop eating backtrace 2761bee
Commits on Jul 20, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Item layer for glyphs
We now track item as well as top and floor.  Among other things,
this means that monsters walking over a stack of items no longer
necessarily sets interesting.  They still will if they change the
stack appearance, though.  Adds a new display mode.
Stefan O'Rear sorear Make the item display view work 6f27251
Stefan O'Rear sorear Clear interesting if there are no items 83c1ccd
Commits on Jul 22, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Correct ftdetect for the post-TAEBDIR world 378b3c0
Stefan O'Rear sorear Improve artifact damage approximation 73f028b
Sean Kelly seankelly Convert %penalties to use a HoH instead of HoA 943202e
Sean Kelly seankelly Add inventory penalties to spell failure rate 2495866
Sean Kelly seankelly Integer division! 4c731fe
Sean Kelly seankelly Take into account non-small shield penalty 9d53be5
Shawn M Moore sartak Improve style 3d9b0e3
Shawn M Moore sartak Space before control flow operators, no space for functions af9f8af
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// b8986a2
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'yapc' of git:// 7f66982
Sean Kelly seankelly use integer in spell failure calculation 8c8c7a5
Commits on Jul 23, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// f0c5b05
Stefan O'Rear sorear Fix TAEB::World::Spell e799c02
Commits on Jul 24, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Stub for accuracy_bonus 6d8d979
Stefan O'Rear sorear A now_wielding announcement, for applying picks etc 19ba6b2
Stefan O'Rear sorear Handle now_wielding in inventory update cddd1e6
Stefan O'Rear sorear Refactor TAEB::Debug::Map to use a dispatch table, with AI hookability ae181f3
Stefan O'Rear sorear Allow changing draw mode in ;-mode 326975a
Commits on Jul 25, 2009
Alex Smith Check inventory when our stuff is stolen 64a3162
Commits on Jul 26, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Fix two crash bugs in the map refactor 02d2342
Stefan O'Rear sorear Add minend as a special level 0b56807
Stefan O'Rear sorear Add a nondiggable attribute for tiles 9c2da15
Stefan O'Rear sorear fix another crash bug, // would be really nice here 3b85cfa
Stefan O'Rear sorear Implement the map knowledge merger 88eaeaf
Stefan O'Rear sorear Add a display mode which displays terrain knowledge directly, rather …
…than last-seen floor
Stefan O'Rear sorear Add a start_paused option. ac918b6
Stefan O'Rear sorear Fix now_wielding 1b384bd
Stefan O'Rear sorear Fix matches_vt to not break on T:S:Map-ized levels 7f7a94c
Stefan O'Rear sorear Another T:S:Map fix 7e6de38
Commits on Jul 28, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear T:S:Map doesn't need NetHack::FixedMap to be loaded in order to make …
…sense, it merely uses the protocol, so remove use for now
Stefan O'Rear sorear Unbreak exploration c1c48bc
Commits on Jul 29, 2009
Alex Smith Merge branch 'master' of git:// 69039a0
Commits on Aug 04, 2009
Alex Smith Better keyboard handling
This fixes the weird situation TAEB occasionally seems to get into
when it seems to be working fine, but not responding to keys. This
happens when the keyboard buffer fills up, often with arrow keys due
to the mouse wheel having been knocked by mistake; the fix is to
handle arrow keys (^[[A, etc) by ignoring them, and by clearing the
keyboard buffer after keyboard input that wasn't handled by a
human-controlled AI.
Alex Smith Keep stair other_sides consistent with each other
If a tile we thought was stairs turns out not to be stairs after all,
we have to mark the other_side of the hypothetical stairway as being
unknown, as the place we thought it was going is obviously incorrect.
Alex Smith More reliable Sokoban solving
The number of pits on the level is now determined by subtracting
the number of pits eliminated from the number that that variant
has; so the bot is no longer confused by items obscuring its view
of the pits.
Alex Smith Screenscrape messages heard when digging 6cf372d
Alex Smith Fix thinko in pit_and_hole_traps_untrapped type constraint 3476725
Commits on Aug 05, 2009
Alex Smith Boulder tracking for Sokoban
This change attempts to distinguish genuine boulders and mimics,
to be able to tell where it is in terms of solving Sokoban.
Alex Smith Implement searching inside rooms when blind cc644a4
Commits on Aug 06, 2009
Alex Smith Allow for boulders accidentally marked as rock in T::S::S 39c102e
Alex Smith Determine crga correctly if there's a full moon 972545b
Alex Smith Handle a fountain drying up when blind (and we can't see it) 86bc303
Commits on Aug 08, 2009
Alex Smith Fix the missing-fountain message regex 739e177
Alex Smith Another Oracle-recognition message b41c940
Commits on Aug 24, 2009
Alex Smith Add another utility function to TAEB::Spoilers::Sokoban 1c82277
Alex Smith Screenscrape levitation-related messages e3ce3fe
Commits on Aug 25, 2009
Alex Smith Optimisation: this gives a 1% speedup with SteadyState 62d4658
Alex Smith Optimisation: Memoize colours where possible: 25-30% speedup with Ste…

This optimisation works by treating TAEB::Display::Color objects
returned from TAEB::Util::display_ro (rather than TAEB::Util::display)
as read-only, allowing the color objects to be shared in memory rather
than regenerated by Moose every time. This was a major bottleneck in
the display code beforehand; the resulting speedup is a little over
25%, not allowing for the AI. This sort of optimisation is needed if
we're ever going to build InterTAEB, to reduce the amount of lag that
the user feels between screen updates. (Note: Custom AI colour schemes
will continue to work without issue, but will not benefit from the
optimisation unless they're ported to display_ro rather than display.)
Alex Smith Fix a potential IPHD vs. NetHack race condition
The issue here is to do with whether NetHack ends before or after
the flush is called. The existing code assumed the flush happened
first, and it commonly does; but in the case where the NetHack
process was running unusually quickly and managed to end before
the flush took place, it would go into an infinite loop. The flush
is necessary because otherwise the NetHack process might be aborted
before it was done saving all its data, often leading to a corrupted
save file or a hanging NetHack process hogging CPU. This solution
will attempt to flush the IPHD buffers, but gives up after 2 seconds
(on the assumption that NetHack had managed to finish altogether).
The time limit may need to be increased if NetHack is exceptionally
slow at saving, but I don't think it is.
Alex Smith Optimisation: Redraw with long horizontal rows of colours
This gives a speedup of about 50% for levels that are mostly black
or solidly coloured (usually the case if we've entered the level
recently, which will be true quite a high proportion of the time as
long as we're exploring), and doesn't cost a significant amount of
time otherwise. (Note that this requires memoized colours to be able
to make any gains, but even with non-memoized colours there isn't a
significant speed penalty, and the code is still correct.)
Alex Smith Optimisation: A faster TAEB::World::Level::at
This more than doubles the speed of at in the common case where both
coordinates are given, at the cost of a small amount of speed in the
much rarer case where one or both is left out. It leads to an approx.
3% speedup in TAEB overall.
Alex Smith Handle NetHack having lockfile problems when it tries to save
Occasionally, a NetHack installation can get into a mess where stale
lock files for, e.g. the high score table, can end up in its playfield
directory. With the code before this patch, this got worse and worse
as time went on; as NetHack waited for its lockfile to become
available, TAEB just unilaterally killed the process, and NetHack uses
fully-buffered IO to write its various files (such as save files,
bones and dumps) out. The result is that it misses about half of the
final packet of data being written out, leading to a corrupted
/var/games/nethack directory. This patch makes local NetHack
interfaces wait until NetHack's done with its waiting for lockfiles,
finally quitting it if it takes more than 75 seconds total (the worst-
case for a 'correctly working' version of NetHack is 60 seconds). The
user is informed of what's happening meanwhile (via deinitializing the
interface and using print()) so that they don't think that TAEB is
hanging for the minute or so that the process takes.
Alex Smith Loop-invariant code motion: try_monster
try_monster was in the inner loop of the screen-scrape, before this
Alex Smith Remove redundant computation in T::W::T::update
$hadfriendly is a relic from when the item layer and monster layer
were the same layer internally; nowadays, it's unused, therefore
there's no point in computing it in the first place. (It's rather
useful that that computation was well over 99% of T::W::T::update,
and about 30% of T::W::C::update; in theory this could lead to a
gain of about 10% in overall time, but in practice it's less likely
as most AIs would want to look up monster spoilers themselves, and
in such cases update could use a memoized value. However, it's still
an important change, especially as if any AI ever introduces monster
tracking, it'll benefit from the time savings here.)
Alex Smith Replace use constant with its expansion in Ascend and Descend
For some reason, when running under NYTProf the 'use constant' lines
in Ascend and Descend never run, causing an error whenever an AI
tries to go upstairs or downstairs. Replacing the abbreviation with
what it stands for (which is optimised the same way by Perl) allows
such code to function correctly under NYTProf.
Commits on Aug 27, 2009
Alex Smith Replace all argumentless calls to at with calls that give x and y 20cf7b2
Alex Smith Remove the check in at for argumentless calls 0879e9a
Commits on Aug 28, 2009
Alex Smith Don't crash on an exception message being parsed twice (e.g. farlook) 296c512
Alex Smith Adding a TAEB log -> ttyrec conversion script 5e042c0
Commits on Oct 02, 2009
Jesse Luehrs doy switch to using with_meta d38f4e1
Commits on Oct 15, 2009
Alex Smith Merge commit 'doy/master' 170f9bd
Commits on Oct 26, 2009
Alex Smith More T::S::Sokoban methods 0e819bc
Alex Smith Rudimentary combat spoilers for us attacking monsters (rather than th…
…e other way around)
Alex Smith Fix the SSH interface to work with current code a6cb340
Commits on Oct 27, 2009
Alex Smith Prevent warningspam for altars that have never been farlooked ddd0299
Commits on Oct 28, 2009
Alex Smith Don't forget price info when checking floor on a pile of items f6efb80
Alex Smith Don't update an item on the ground unless it's changed 03ab9eb
Alex Smith Fix average_melee_damage 4d59e2b
Commits on Oct 29, 2009
Alex Smith Tweaking my RC file acbea7d
Alex Smith Mark shops as shops even if there's a shk in the doorway 8642719
Commits on Nov 01, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Use NHMS for parsing farlook, now shopkeepers are handled right 4494da2
Commits on Nov 03, 2009
Jesse Luehrs doy use mx-nonmoose ef10ca8
Commits on Nov 04, 2009
Jesse Luehrs doy Merge remote branch 'sorear/aismaster' 5d4ad53
Jesse Luehrs doy update, not add for inventory
the wielding message always shows the full size of the stack, so adding
isn't correct
Jesse Luehrs doy dz_index is a pretty non-obvious name 5bf2508
Jesse Luehrs doy using 'LAST' as a special signal is a bit ugly 880d3fa
Jesse Luehrs doy use new native traits d15373b
Jesse Luehrs doy formatting stuff 2951d54
Jesse Luehrs doy Revert "Loop-invariant code motion: try_monster"
This reverts commit e836c84.

making code extra complicated and intertwined for the sake of
optimization is not okay
Jesse Luehrs doy Revert "Replace use constant with its expansion in Ascend and Descend"
This reverts commit 23a703b.

i seriously doubt that nytprof has a bug related specifically to use
constant... if it still causes issues, let me know and we can try to
figure out what's going on
Jesse Luehrs doy Revert "Better keyboard handling"
This reverts commit 114f506.

no, the fix is to configure your terminal properly so it doesn't blindly
pass escape codes for mouse scrolling through if they weren't asked for.
this is just gross.
Jesse Luehrs doy syntax e08a8a7
Jesse Luehrs doy use the mx-nonmoose exporter manually
for some reason, using just the traits through TAEB::OO isn't working
properly... will look into this more later
Commits on Nov 07, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Check inventory after wearing items, since we learn stuff 13a2361
Stefan O'Rear sorear Set up curses for the keypad
Arrow keys no longer cause data to be sent to NetHack, and are
safe.  ESC-keys are still an issue.
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Remove corpse from correct tile in case of teleportitis. 9ea4187
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Fix for TAEB->debt being undef.
Check the debt efter clearing it so the value don't get lost.
Commits on Nov 13, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN The "--More--" after the welcome message may be on line two. 0dbbb86
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Track if it is friday 13th and don't pray. ac8c2a6
Commits on Nov 14, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Added property for tracking luck.
Only friday 13th changes is, more can be added later.
Made can_pray us it instead of checking for is_triday_13th.
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Added commented out code for timing out luck.
It is commented out because it will need the turn number in the
turn announcement to work reliably.
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Add turn_number to the Turn announcement. f00e3f1
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Time out luck every 600th turn. 646053a
Commits on Nov 16, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Simplified luck tracking.
The attribute now stores baseluck and then a luck sub adds/subtracts
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Reset is_friday_13th when the game loads. 234f1c0
Commits on Nov 17, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Fix typo in filename for friday13th announcement. 0e1fc54
Commits on Nov 18, 2009
Stefan O'Rear sorear Correctly estimate HP for HD0 monsters ff9516f
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Detect moon phase, set flags in senses and increase luck on full moon. a975a7d
Commits on Nov 19, 2009
Jesse Luehrs doy Merge remote branch 'sorear/master' ed6e9a5
Commits on Nov 21, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Turn off kiosk mode in my config 9098b92
Shawn M Moore sartak Action->is_impossible for checking whether we can perform a given action 2dd9a24
Shawn M Moore sartak Use TAEB::Action::Move->is_impossible rather than TAEB->can_move 6cc35b3
Shawn M Moore sartak Get rid of a bunch of Senses->can_(action) methods 4d73a9d
Shawn M Moore sartak Action->is_advisable for whether the action will have the desired res…

    Better name than is_advisable desired. Has to be shorte than
Shawn M Moore sartak Senses->can_engrave lives on as Engrave->is_advisable c391956
Shawn M Moore sartak Refactor Senses->can_pray into Pray->is_advisable aed0940
Stefan O'Rear sorear Allow posing hypotheticals to T:W:S->failure_rate 8a5c466
Shawn M Moore sartak Include Planar in the AI section of the README. Still needs actual co…
…mmands to clone it.
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// dc3953e
Shawn M Moore sartak Point to doy's behavioral repo, not mine b788915
Stefan O'Rear sorear Planar download information 15abf1d
Shawn M Moore sartak Check for action->is_impossible in next_action f09d3d9
Shawn M Moore sartak Failure to load REPL isn't really an error, just something you can't do 3778a8b
Shawn M Moore sartak Helps to not display the console crap 2a0f767
Shawn M Moore sartak Initialize the console display after we load Carp::REPL a348583
Shawn M Moore sartak Display ^P messages in an order that isn't idiotic 8ee44c8
Shawn M Moore sartak Sort spoiler menus b74e518
Shawn M Moore sartak README section for checking out Demo 6f8772d
Shawn M Moore sartak Various Demo AI improvements e08d994
Shawn M Moore sartak more dumb prose 8a18518
Shawn M Moore sartak Link to our blog in the README 7234dee
Shawn M Moore sartak Missing semicolon be36d53
Commits on Nov 22, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Sorry ais, TAEB (like nethack) is an American project =] 4d1b817
Shawn M Moore sartak Refactor some code out of the iterate_vt beast 28c426e
Shawn M Moore sartak Break encapsulation again, though this is less of a hotspot than ->at is 324c9e2
Shawn M Moore sartak Movement while in a beartrap etc is not strictly impossible 2e6302a
Alex Smith Update my config for devnull eb6d7d6
Alex Smith Inject map knowledge in T::S::Sokoban so that we know there's a trap …
…under a mimic
Commits on Nov 23, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN NAO changed dgamelaunch so nethack isn't in a submenu d3e7529
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge remote branch 'danieln/master' cbbbc08
Shawn M Moore sartak No need to comment out code, just get rid of it fcf7700
Commits on Nov 27, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Abort remove if the item is cursed. 0f7bf63
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Handle trying to remove armor that isn't worn. dd7fa61
Daniel Nilsson DanielN If you took it off it is not cursed. 34702ba
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Fix wielding cursed weapon, cursed should be is_cursed. a9de0f5
Commits on Nov 28, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Fix for the teleport while eating problem.
The tile the corps was on is cleared by the map update
before the remove item code runs.
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Handle dying without any items, different message. 270f7f9
Commits on Nov 29, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Revert "Handle dying without any items, different message."
I must have been too tired when wrote that patch.

This reverts commit 270f7f9.
Daniel Nilsson DanielN This should handle dying without items.
It's hard to trigger though, so the code is untested.
Alex Smith Change my config now TAEB523 is now longer playing on devnull df45d91
Alex Smith Refix try_monster slowdown
Hopefully this fix will be more acceptable. It works both by making
try_monster a bit more efficient, and by making T::W::C::update more
intelligent about when to call it; this moves try_monster well out of
the inner loop by dramatically reducing the number of calls to it that
are needed.
Commits on Nov 30, 2009
Alex Smith Display optimisation
When using colouring schemes like "normal" for which tiles only change
if they change in the map that NetHack sends us (or when the level
changes), this optimisation speeds up TAEB::Display::Curses by a
factor of around 6. It works by using the Cartographer to record a
bounding box of tiles that changed this turn, and allowing the display
to update only tiles within that box. This incidentally fixes a long-
standing bug with messages longer than 80 characters, which are now
handled correctly (as a side-effect of the change).
Alex Smith Cartographer optimisation
This optimisation uses a VT callback to note which on-screen rows have
changed, and uses the knowledge that there is no change in a
particular on-screen row to optimise the cartographer. (Note: there is
a bug in Term::VT102::ZeroBased that means that the indexes sent to
callback functions are wrong; this code allows for the bug, but will
need to be changed if that bug is fixed.) This speeds up the TAEB
framework by a factor of around 3 overall.
Alex Smith We don't need to redraw for messages that don't overlap the map
This optimises the display even further (a factor of 3 when a message
is displayed). With TAEB::AI::SteadyState, TAEB managed, on my rather
slow computer, to starve to death in 1388 turns and just under 61s
seconds; this is a play rate of over 22 turns a second, and I didn't
even allow for initialisation time in that.
Alex Smith Fix crash bug when we're standing on an item as the game loads 639b0ce
Alex Smith Autoexplore optimisation
This optimisation calls autoexplore only on the area of the screen
that's actually changed.
Alex Smith Memoize TAEB::Senses::statuses
TAEB::Senses::statuses is a pure function (it has no side effects and
always returns the same value), and is rather costly in that it has to
do a lot of Moose ->does lookups. This memoization speeds the TAEB
framework up by around 13%.
Commits on Dec 11, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Can't kick when stressed. c0eb29d
Commits on Dec 23, 2009
Daniel Nilsson DanielN NAO changed dgamelaunch so nethack isn't in a submenu 3a6bed0
Shawn M Moore sartak No need to comment out code, just get rid of it 2c5ece2
Alex Smith A new action for waiting turns without searching 322ce98
Alex Smith Fix regression in redrawing
This regression has been around for ages, and causes TAEB to draw the
/previous/ steps information on the map, rather than the current one.
I hadn't reported it earlier because I wasn't sure if it was deliberate
or not; but the way it utterly screws up human-controlled AIs, it's now
clear that the original method is better (and may have been the intended
one all along).
Alex Smith Update my config; devnull is over. e3b7027
Alex Smith Refactor out each_changed_tile_and_neighbors into its own method
Iterating over the bounding box of tiles with changed glyph, plus the
neighbours of that, is useful enough that it's worth factoring out. It's
only used by autoexplore in core, but it's used in a couple of places in
Planar already.
Alex Smith Change my config to allow two local TAEBs at once d248c4d
Alex Smith New announcement boulder_change
Planar needs messages when boulders move (for any reason), to prevent
having to do a slow loop overthe entire floor.
Alex Smith Optimise TAEB::Spoilers::Sokoban
Before this, it was taking up about 1/5 of the time spent by Planar's
strategic planning (which I think was the only AI using it); now, it's
Commits on Dec 25, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Be smarter about the defaults for local/server deps based on whether …
…you have nethack
Shawn M Moore sartak Make Carp::REPL default to not installed e9e3d16
Shawn M Moore sartak Shells expand ~, so.. b2ce716
Commits on Dec 28, 2009
Alex Smith Boulders on locations where we know there should be doors aren't genuine 06b4fd8
Alex Smith Fix typo in checking for prize tiles a3884e1
Alex Smith Merge branch 'master' of git:// 6941ad7
Commits on Dec 29, 2009
Alex Smith Telnet connection that works on more than one dgamelaunch version
Tested on and This code automatically
deduces the dgamelaunch version from dgamelaunch's output, and then looks
for a game of NetHack available on that server and plays that.
Commits on Dec 31, 2009
Shawn M Moore sartak Turn off nethack debug mode in my config fa2d8eb
Shawn M Moore sartak Use Local interface 4e74616
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of bd6883c
Commits on Jan 01, 2010
Shawn M Moore sartak Merge branch 'master' of git:// c0c8b48
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Fix reversed conditional in "other side of staircase" error message. 652013d
Daniel Nilsson DanielN Boulders can't be pushed when going up/down so don't bother checking. ff32951
Jesse Luehrs doy wrapping new is bad 188b1ee
Jesse Luehrs doy tabs-- 2c70eb3
Jesse Luehrs doy oops 178354e
Jesse Luehrs doy changing draw modes needs to redraw the screen 3ceaeb1
Commits on Jan 02, 2010
Jesse Luehrs doy it doesn't make sense to eat something on a tile we're not on 84d6b0d
Jesse Luehrs doy remove picked up items from the original tile if we teleport 595608e
Jesse Luehrs doy this is a class method 6fc0df1
Jesse Luehrs doy Revert "Memoize TAEB::Senses::statuses"
This reverts commit 381125b.

This is not a pure function (see the ->get_value($self) call in there?)
Jesse Luehrs doy make non-adjacent shks pathable for now, this is really irritating be03df3
Jesse Luehrs doy oops 1d0b07d
Jesse Luehrs doy clean up perlcritic stuff 99161a4
Jesse Luehrs doy more perlcritic a6671db
Jesse Luehrs doy disable another policy 569496b
Jesse Luehrs doy perlcritic for bin directory 6103695
Jesse Luehrs doy more perlcritic f2c7f6e
Commits on Jan 03, 2010
Jesse Luehrs doy moose::exporter provides strict and warnings 1580043
Jesse Luehrs doy use new init_meta generation features da3eea9
Jesse Luehrs doy need to use the Pair class c0fa53b
Jesse Luehrs doy just use Moose directly, to avoid circular deps 01f8587
Commits on Jan 15, 2010
Shawn M Moore sartak Simplify and improve the topline logic for the debug map 76db390
Shawn M Moore sartak Stairs->other_side_known 76d7de7
Shawn M Moore sartak Make use of other_side in debug-map < and > commands 26eb52e
Shawn M Moore sartak Use before instead of useless override/super 711685b
Shawn M Moore sartak Generalize Stairs into LevelChangers
    We'll need a Portal tile class eventually, so better to start
    supporting it now :)
Shawn M Moore sartak Fix Debug Map to check for LevelChangers rather than Stairs 389b695
Shawn M Moore sartak When we traverse a level-changer in the map, set x and y too d024278
Commits on Apr 15, 2011
Shawn M Moore Avoid useless repeated calls to $self->{tiles}->[$y] 43dfd27
Commits on Jul 27, 2011
Zach Morgan zpmorgan native counter for a "step" attribute ef36f81
Zach Morgan zpmorgan metarole thing updated to new API. untested. d711f89
Zach Morgan zpmorgan default for a "counter"d attribute 937ef10
Zach Morgan zpmorgan
turns_spent_on counter using native counter trait.
Zach Morgan zpmorgan updating all of the counters to native traits. abcd60b
Zach Morgan zpmorgan legal_options_for_inheritance has been removed from Moose. 7e8cd11
Commits on Jul 28, 2011
Zach Morgan zpmorgan OO: I thought that this would fix apply_metaroles for applied attribu…

It does not.