D&M Landing Page Engine - OpenSource PHP landing page engine/constructor to create landing pages with dynamic content
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D&M LPE Logo

D&M Landing Page Engine

OpenSource PHP landing page engine/constructor to create landing pages with dynamic content.

I want to see a demo

Yes, of course, follow this link you can see a SB New Age based Landing Page.

Follow this link if you want to see the administrative interface, username and password are admin.

Do not be afraid to break something, the site in read-only mode, so you can try whatever you want.

How to install

  • Download the latest stable D&M LPE package
  • Extract the archive

If you want to get the unstable release:

  • Download the archive with current repo state
  • Or you can clone repo via command line: git clone https://github.com/DrTeamRocks/dm-lpe.git

After install

Next you need to install the composer, npm, bower, sass compiler and make tool, if you are Debian or Ubuntu user, just run the command sudo apt-get install make ruby-sass npm composer

npm install bower
cd dm-lpe
composer update
bower updates

First you need user with password and empty database, next you need change parameters to your in engine\Configs\database.php to yours.

Next you should open the http://<site>/install page for tables installing.

Or if you have the empty database and you know username and password, you can import the dump with demo settings backups/demo.mysql.sql.

You can DDL od database here backups/init.mysql.sql.

Engine configuration

For correct system work you need to create two configuration files:

  • engine/Configs/config.php
  • engine/Configs/database.php

You can use example with similar names, but with example suffix. Just copy examples and change the variables in configs to what you need.

Don't forget change the default admin password via accounts management page!


  • Minimalist version with basic functionality
  • Users separation, something like admin, editor and user
  • Users management functions for Admins (roles/groups/add/delete etc.)
  • Extend the supported databases list (now only mysql, but should be at least: my, pg and lite)
  • Virtual hosting (multiple landings via one interface)
  • "Step by step" installer of this project
  • Export the page with all dependencies (js/css etc.)

Some projects and links