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Source code for my c64-wifimodem

Feel free to make changes and correction.


  • Please change to your own domain for OTA updates.
  • You will also have to create a backend for OTA to work.

Stuff that needs work

  • Changing pin polarity does not work as expected.
    • V-1541 and should work if implemented correct. I had it working, but then normal cbm polarity didn't work as it should.
  • Higher baud rates
    • 19200 and 38400 will work but is only used with flipped polarity as I know of.
  • Incoming calls
    • I am not enough familiar with bbs servers answering mechanism, and couldn't get it to work with my badly set up bbs server.
    • Direct call connection to the modem does work, sort of.
  • S-registers
    • May be useful, I don't know.


PCB files in kicad format. Nothing much to say about it.




 C1      Tantalum 22uF Case B, 3528
 J4      User Port edge connector
 Q1-Q5   BSS138 SOT-23
 R1-R12  10k 0805
 U1      LM1117-3.3 SOT-223
 U2      ESP8266 12E or 12F
 U3      OLED 0.96" GND,VCC,SCL,SDA
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