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iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.
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ColorPicker Update colorpicker framework Mar 30, 2018
Interfaces Don't use sentence case in prefs dialog for Use unicode version 9 widths Apr 2, 2018
Media.xcassets Add missing icon sizes to the App icon. Oct 10, 2015
OtherResources Update image decoding sandbox to allow resources (mostly font related Feb 9, 2017
ThirdParty Adjust how we show tabs when any tab is colored. Reduce brightness of… Feb 11, 2018
iTerm2.xcodeproj Get rid of legacy NSSavePanel code and use the modern APIs directly. … Apr 1, 2018
image_decoder * trimmed whitespace (except in third party) Feb 11, 2018
plists Fix solarized colors Nov 15, 2017
proto Add a few new notifications to the API server for session terminated … May 29, 2017
.gitignore Make the Python API library into a proper package. May 29, 2017
.ruby-version Update Gemfile.lock, update to xcode8.3, lint Apr 8, 2017
LICENSE Place license in LICENSE file for a more standard location. Leae READ… Oct 18, 2015
Makefile Fix some bugs in the beta release tools Nov 6, 2017
README.license README.license Jul 15, 2014 Add build status badge Feb 2, 2016
dsa_pub.pem Fix warnings Aug 7, 2010
iTerm2.sdef Add applescript to get and set color presets. Issue 4868 Jan 2, 2017
version.txt UPdate version.txt Jan 24, 2018

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