This small java library is used with spring to use Annotations for HTTP Response Headers.
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This small java library is used with spring to use Annotations for HTTP Response Headers.


You can specifiy @HttpResponseHeader and @HttpResponseHeaders for methods and classes. If an annotation is visible on method level it will ignore the class level one. If the class annotation provides the same header key like a method annotation, the method annotation will override the value of the class annotation.


/* One Header */
@HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key", value="X-Value-Method")
public String handleExtraAnnotatedMethod() {
    return null;

/* Multiple headers */
        @HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key-One", value="X-Value-One-Method"),
        @HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key-Two", value="X-Value-Two-Method")
public String handleMultipleExtraAnnotatedMethod() {
    return null;


@HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key-For-Response-Header", value="X-Value-For-Response-Header-Class")
        @HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key-For-Response-Headers-One", value="X-Value-For-Response-Headers-One-Class"),
        @HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Key-For-Response-Headers-Two", value="X-Value-For-Response-Headers-Two-Class")
public class FullyAnnotatedTestController  {
    /* ... */

Spring Expression Language

It's also possible, to use SpEL for the name and value property.

To enable parsing for the value property, enable it with valueExpression=true.

For example:

@HttpResponseHeader(name="Cache-Control", value="#{'max-age=' + (60*5)}", valueExpression=true)

will result in:

Cache-Control: max-age=300

If you use that to read properties (like java.version):

@HttpResponseHeader(name="X-Java-Version", value="#{environment.getProperty('java.version')}", valueExpression=true)

will result in:

X-Java-Version: 1.8.0_25


Replace VERSION with GitHub version or 0.3.0-SNAPSHOT.




compile 'net.dracoblue.spring:http-response-headers:VERSION'

Add this to your SpringBootApplication:

HttpResponseHeaderHandlerInterceptor httpResponsHeaderHandlerInterceptor;

public WebMvcConfigurer contentNegotiatorConfigurer()
    return new WebMvcConfigurerAdapter()
       public void addInterceptors(InterceptorRegistry registry)

Other Projects / Interesting Links


This work is copyright by DracoBlue ( and licensed under the terms of MIT License.