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Use a specific markdown file to write proper formatted papers and articles.
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Markdown Papers 0.1

@dracoblue, @rmetzler


The idea is to use a specific markdown file to write proper formatted papers and articles. It's still work in progress and only pre-alpha, but already looks quite nice.


markdown, javascript, llncs


You can use this as source and generate a .html by using:

$ bin/markdown-papers README.html

The output should look like that:

Example Output


You need node.js, npm and the CMU Fonts (optional, will fallback to default serif font) installed.

node.js Dependencies


$ ./configure

to automaticly resolve those by using npm.


It's quite simple to test the current version.

Get your self a copy and configure it with npm:

$ git clone git://
$ cd markdown-papers
$ ./configure

Now, test it:

$ bin/markdown-papers README.html

and it will generate the as a nicely formatted one.

Command line option: --template

If you want to use a different template (located at lib/templates/*.html), you must use the --template option.

$ bin/markdown-papers --template twocol README.html

This will convert the .md-File by using the lib/templates/twocol.html template. You could put your own templates into that folder to make them available for the markdown-papers script.

Rules for the .md-File

Even though this is still work in progress, here are the current rules for the document.

  1. Use # Title for the title of the Paper
  2. Every text after the title will be used as author and aligned in center.
  3. Use ### Abstract and ### Keywords to provide those sections with content.
  4. Every following ## Item will be added to the table of contents and is a section.

Very simple example:

# My Paper
Mr. Author

### Abstract
This is a short one!

### Keywords
example, markdown

## Introduction
And so on

## Conclusion

You can also use this as example.


  • clean up and document code
  • add print style sheet
  • generate .pdf files


  • 2012/29/01
    • added MarkdownPaper#setTemplate(template_name), which loads templates/{template_name}.html.
    • renamed screen.css to screen.default.css
    • added test for template without abstract+keywords
    • added first test for twocol-layout
    • added command line option --template


markdown-papers is available under the terms of MIT License.

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