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Spludo Framework README

Version: 1.0.3

Official Site:

Spludo is copyright 2009-2011 by DracoBlue

What is Spludo?

Spludo is high performance, evented, server side, prototype based, javascript mvc web framework. It includes DI+AOP and a Convention-Over-Configuration Approach. The framework is running on the node.JS-platform, which employs the lightning fast V8-Engine.

New Project in 3 Steps

  1. Create the new project

    $ spludo/spludo-gen new-project
  2. Enter the folder

    $ cd myapp
  3. Run

    In Server Mode

      $ node run_server.js

    and open your browser at http://localhost:8000/

    In Console Mode

      $ node run_console.js shell.hello
      Hello, back!



Spludo is licensed under the terms of MIT. See LICENSE for more information.

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