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TransparentFX winamp plugin

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TransparentFX is a plugin for Winamp2 to enable window alpha blending. This was around the time frame of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It's 2015, and I have decided to open source the plugin. It is written in C++.

- Eric Kuo, February 2015.

Cheeky old description

TransparentFX enables transparent effects for Winamp2 that puts Winamp3’s native alpha blending to shame by including fading and more customization. It is a general purpose plug-in that reacts to a windows’s active, mouseover, and inactive states. It barley uses any system resources and you can tailor the settings to limit cpu usage. Written in C++ so it doesn’t have all that VB baggage.


Project file is provided for Visual Studio 2005


Just copy the gen_tfx.dll into the plugin directory of winamp.

Released versions with installer is available from

The installer source is TransparentFX.PSC. Installer was created using the Nullsoft MakePIMP Install System. A copy is available at


Source code is licensed under GPL v3

Copyright 2001-2007 Ing-Long Eric Kuo


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