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Music player based on electronjs
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Soube is a simple and minimalist music player based on Electronjs.

Install it on Windows, Mac & Linux

Soube website


  • Notifications showing what song is played.
  • Auto detection of new songs.
  • Idiom. You can change the idiom of the config panel (Do this before anything).
  • Equalizer.
  • Responsive design.
  • Shorcuts to set play/pause,next, prev and disalbe/enable shuffle.
  • Searching by song.

Linux users

  • For Distributions that don't use rpm or deb extensions, you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1

Extract the files and you will see the next folder:
 * soube-linux-ia32
 * soube-linux-x64

Step 2

  • Move the folder using the next command line.
 sudo mv [Place_where_is_soube_folder]/[soube-linux-ia32 or soube-linux-x64] /opt/soube

step 3

  • Download the soube.desktop file for an icon launcher and move it to this location (or your prefer one):
sudo  [Place_where_is_the_file]/soube.desktop /usr/share/applications

  • Done!. You should be ready to use Soube.


  • Ctrl + F // Display the searching option
  • Ctrl + Up // Set Play/Pause the song
  • Ctrl + Left // Prev song
  • Ctrl + Right // Next song
  • Ctrl + Down // Switch shuffle
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