Lightweight i18n solution for universal JavaScript apps and modules.
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Add multi-lingual support to any JavaScript app or module with this light-weight package.


  • Isomorphic/Universal
  • easy translation of static text files
    • benefits: anyone can translate, no more xliff
    • reduced margin of error.
  • Variable support
  • Dependency free
  • Fast


import { I18n } from 'mi18n'

const i18nOptions = {
  extension: '.lang', // extnsion used by your language files, defaults to ".lang"
  location: 'https://location.of/language/files/', // absolute or relative url to language files
  langs: [
    // locales you would like to be active
    'de-DE', // will attempt to load `https://location.of/language/files/de-DE.lang` with current config
  locale: 'en-US', // default locale
  override: {
    'en-US': {
      autocomplete: 'Autofinish', // override individual keys or provide entire language definition
const i18n = new I18n(i18nOptions)

... later


Example .lang file

de-DE = Deutsch
en-US = German

addOption = Option hinzufügen
allFieldsRemoved = Alle Felder wurden entfernt.
allowMultipleFiles = Upload mehrerer Dateien erlauben
autocomplete = Autovervollständigung