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DragonBones DesignPanel
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In this project you can find the source code of DragonBones' Flash Pro based design panel, which is a visual editer for skeleton animation editing. With the design panel, designers can easily convert flash timeline based animation to skeleton animation, edit it and export it to texture file for developers.

Following steps show you how to use the source code:

  1. Make sure you have installed Flash Builder with Flex SDK 4.0 or later version.
  2. Make sure you have got SeletonAnimationLibrary project.
  3. Open Flash Builder and create a Flex project named SkeletonAnimationDesignPanel.
  4. Change project location to SkeletonAnimationDesignPanel's location to make sure the IDE can find the source code. 5 Change complie parameters to -locale en_US zh_CN ja_JP fr_FR -source-path ./locale/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true
  5. Import SeletonAnimationLibrary project.
  6. (Optional) Change project theme to "Graphite".
  7. Test and have fun.

Want to debug the design panel in Flash Pro? It's very easy. Just to open the SkeletonAnimationDesignPanel in your Flash Pro and debug the project in Flash Builder. Now the debug version of the design panel in Flash Builder is connected with your Flash Pro. You can use it and debug it just like it is inside of the Flash Pro. Don't wait to try this amazing feature!

There are some demos in SkeletonAnimationDemos project shows how to use the design panel

All things you need to download can be found here

Copyright 2012-2013 the DragonBones Team

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