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DragonFly Master Repository (clone)
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Latest commit db2dd07 Sepherosa Ziehau kqueue: Rework timer expiration
So that a being processed timer knote will not be activated.

While I'm here, factor out function to reset timer knote callout.
Failed to load latest commit information.
bin docs: Move csh(1) USD papers into share/doc
contrib Add support for the pei-x86-64 target in binutils; Needed for UEFI su…
crypto Merge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
doc Remove various pkgsrc remains.
etc etc/rc.d: Update rtsold
games docs: Move trek(6) USD papers into share/doc
gnu docs: Move rsc(1) PSD papers into share/doc
include <grp.h>: Include <machine/stdint.h> instead of the whole of <sys/type…
lib libstand: Change sbrk() in libstand to take an intptr_t like libc's.
libexec privatize libncurses (touches many, many programs)
nrelease nrelease - Change target from /usr/release to /usr/obj/release
sbin ifconfig: Fix inet6 address deletion
secure privatize libncurses (touches many, many programs)
share docs: Move trek(6) USD papers into share/doc
sys kqueue: Rework timer expiration
test test: ,,,^..^,,,~~~~
tools tools/tcp_stream: Kill netperf children proactively upon SIGINT
usr.bin docs: Move mail(1) USD papers into share/doc
usr.sbin docs: Move timed(8) SMM papers into share/doc
.gitignore .gitignore: Remove build products from list
COPYRIGHT Remove advertising header from src
Makefile i386 removal, part 2/x: Remove i386 specific kernel config files.
Makefile.inc1 Always build world under C/POSIX locale Don't remove manpages which we have to keep.
README Initial import of binutils 2.22 on the new vendor branch
UPDATING drm: Create device entries with the "video" group


This is the top level of the DragonFly source directory.

For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this
directory (additional copyright information also exists for some
sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for
more information).

The Makefile in this directory supports a number of targets for
building components (or all) of the DragonFly source tree, the most
commonly used being ``buildworld'' and ``installworld'', which rebuild
and install everything in the DragonFly system from the source tree
except the kernel, the kernel-modules and the contents of /etc.  The
``buildkernel'' and ``installkernel'' targets build and install
the kernel and the modules (see below).  Please see the top of
the Makefile in this directory for more information on the
standard build targets and compile-time flags.

Building a kernel is a somewhat involved process.  Documentation
for it can be found at:
Also see the build(7) and config(8) man pages.

Note: If you want to build and install the kernel with the
``buildkernel'' and ``installkernel'' targets, you might need to build
world before.  More information is available in the DragonFly handbook.

The sample kernel configuration files reside in the sys/config
sub-directory (assuming that you've installed the kernel sources), the
file named GENERIC being the one used to build your initial installation
kernel.  The file LINT contains entries for all possible devices, not
just those commonly used, and is meant more as a general reference
than an actual kernel configuration file (a kernel built from it
wouldn't even run).

Source Roadmap:
bin		System/user commands.

contrib		Packages contributed by 3rd parties.

crypto		Cryptography stuff (see crypto/README).

etc		Template files for /etc.

games		Amusements.

gnu		Various commands and libraries under the GNU Public License.
		Please see gnu/COPYING* for more information.

include		System include files.

lib		System libraries.

libexec		System daemons.

nrelease	Framework for building the ``live'' CD image.

sbin		System commands.

secure		Cryptographic libraries and commands.

share		Shared resources.

sys		Kernel sources.

test		System tests.

tools		Utilities for regression testing and miscellaneous tasks.

usr.bin		User commands.

usr.sbin	System administration commands.
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