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LIB= gmp
CONTRIBDIR= ${.CURDIR}/../../../contrib/gmp
.include "${.CURDIR}/Makefile.${MACHINE_ARCH}"
CFLAGS+= -I${CONTRIBDIR}/mpn/generic
# The following comes verbatim from
MPF_OBJECTS = mpf/init$U.lo mpf/init2$U.lo mpf/inits$U.lo mpf/set$U.lo \
mpf/set_ui$U.lo mpf/set_si$U.lo mpf/set_str$U.lo mpf/set_d$U.lo \
mpf/set_z$U.lo mpf/iset$U.lo mpf/iset_ui$U.lo mpf/iset_si$U.lo \
mpf/iset_str$U.lo mpf/iset_d$U.lo mpf/clear$U.lo mpf/clears$U.lo \
mpf/get_str$U.lo mpf/dump$U.lo mpf/size$U.lo mpf/eq$U.lo mpf/reldiff$U.lo \
mpf/sqrt$U.lo mpf/random2$U.lo mpf/inp_str$U.lo mpf/out_str$U.lo \
mpf/add$U.lo mpf/add_ui$U.lo mpf/sub$U.lo mpf/sub_ui$U.lo mpf/ui_sub$U.lo \
mpf/mul$U.lo mpf/mul_ui$U.lo mpf/div$U.lo mpf/div_ui$U.lo \
mpf/cmp$U.lo mpf/cmp_d$U.lo mpf/cmp_ui$U.lo mpf/cmp_si$U.lo \
mpf/mul_2exp$U.lo mpf/div_2exp$U.lo mpf/abs$U.lo mpf/neg$U.lo \
mpf/set_q$U.lo mpf/get_d$U.lo mpf/get_d_2exp$U.lo mpf/set_dfl_prec$U.lo \
mpf/set_prc$U.lo mpf/set_prc_raw$U.lo mpf/get_dfl_prec$U.lo \
mpf/get_prc$U.lo mpf/ui_div$U.lo mpf/sqrt_ui$U.lo \
mpf/ceilfloor$U.lo mpf/trunc$U.lo mpf/pow_ui$U.lo \
mpf/urandomb$U.lo mpf/swap$U.lo \
mpf/fits_sint$U.lo mpf/fits_slong$U.lo mpf/fits_sshort$U.lo \
mpf/fits_uint$U.lo mpf/fits_ulong$U.lo mpf/fits_ushort$U.lo \
mpf/get_si$U.lo mpf/get_ui$U.lo \
MPZ_OBJECTS = mpz/abs$U.lo mpz/add$U.lo mpz/add_ui$U.lo \
mpz/aorsmul$U.lo mpz/aorsmul_i$U.lo mpz/and$U.lo mpz/array_init$U.lo \
mpz/bin_ui$U.lo mpz/bin_uiui$U.lo \
mpz/cdiv_q$U.lo mpz/cdiv_q_ui$U.lo \
mpz/cdiv_qr$U.lo mpz/cdiv_qr_ui$U.lo \
mpz/cdiv_r$U.lo mpz/cdiv_r_ui$U.lo mpz/cdiv_ui$U.lo \
mpz/cfdiv_q_2exp$U.lo mpz/cfdiv_r_2exp$U.lo \
mpz/clear$U.lo mpz/clears$U.lo mpz/clrbit$U.lo \
mpz/cmp$U.lo mpz/cmp_d$U.lo mpz/cmp_si$U.lo mpz/cmp_ui$U.lo \
mpz/cmpabs$U.lo mpz/cmpabs_d$U.lo mpz/cmpabs_ui$U.lo \
mpz/com$U.lo mpz/combit$U.lo \
mpz/cong$U.lo mpz/cong_2exp$U.lo mpz/cong_ui$U.lo \
mpz/divexact$U.lo mpz/divegcd$U.lo mpz/dive_ui$U.lo \
mpz/divis$U.lo mpz/divis_ui$U.lo mpz/divis_2exp$U.lo mpz/dump$U.lo \
mpz/export$U.lo mpz/fac_ui$U.lo mpz/fdiv_q$U.lo \
mpz/fdiv_q_ui$U.lo mpz/fdiv_qr$U.lo mpz/fdiv_qr_ui$U.lo \
mpz/fdiv_r$U.lo mpz/fdiv_r_ui$U.lo \
mpz/fdiv_ui$U.lo mpz/fib_ui$U.lo mpz/fib2_ui$U.lo mpz/fits_sint$U.lo \
mpz/fits_slong$U.lo mpz/fits_sshort$U.lo mpz/fits_uint$U.lo \
mpz/fits_ulong$U.lo mpz/fits_ushort$U.lo mpz/gcd$U.lo \
mpz/gcd_ui$U.lo mpz/gcdext$U.lo mpz/get_d$U.lo mpz/get_d_2exp$U.lo \
mpz/get_si$U.lo mpz/get_str$U.lo mpz/get_ui$U.lo mpz/getlimbn$U.lo \
mpz/hamdist$U.lo \
mpz/import$U.lo mpz/init$U.lo mpz/init2$U.lo mpz/inits$U.lo \
mpz/inp_raw$U.lo mpz/inp_str$U.lo mpz/invert$U.lo \
mpz/ior$U.lo mpz/iset$U.lo mpz/iset_d$U.lo mpz/iset_si$U.lo \
mpz/iset_str$U.lo mpz/iset_ui$U.lo mpz/jacobi$U.lo mpz/kronsz$U.lo \
mpz/kronuz$U.lo mpz/kronzs$U.lo mpz/kronzu$U.lo \
mpz/lcm$U.lo mpz/lcm_ui$U.lo mpz/lucnum_ui$U.lo mpz/lucnum2_ui$U.lo \
mpz/millerrabin$U.lo mpz/mod$U.lo mpz/mul$U.lo mpz/mul_2exp$U.lo \
mpz/mul_si$U.lo mpz/mul_ui$U.lo \
mpz/n_pow_ui$U.lo mpz/neg$U.lo mpz/nextprime$U.lo \
mpz/out_raw$U.lo mpz/out_str$U.lo mpz/perfpow$U.lo mpz/perfsqr$U.lo \
mpz/popcount$U.lo mpz/pow_ui$U.lo mpz/powm$U.lo mpz/powm_sec$U.lo \
mpz/powm_ui$U.lo mpz/pprime_p$U.lo mpz/random$U.lo mpz/random2$U.lo \
mpz/realloc$U.lo mpz/realloc2$U.lo mpz/remove$U.lo \
mpz/root$U.lo mpz/rootrem$U.lo mpz/rrandomb$U.lo mpz/scan0$U.lo \
mpz/scan1$U.lo mpz/set$U.lo mpz/set_d$U.lo mpz/set_f$U.lo \
mpz/set_q$U.lo mpz/set_si$U.lo mpz/set_str$U.lo mpz/set_ui$U.lo \
mpz/setbit$U.lo \
mpz/size$U.lo mpz/sizeinbase$U.lo mpz/sqrt$U.lo \
mpz/sqrtrem$U.lo mpz/sub$U.lo mpz/sub_ui$U.lo mpz/swap$U.lo \
mpz/tdiv_ui$U.lo mpz/tdiv_q$U.lo mpz/tdiv_q_2exp$U.lo \
mpz/tdiv_q_ui$U.lo mpz/tdiv_qr$U.lo mpz/tdiv_qr_ui$U.lo \
mpz/tdiv_r$U.lo mpz/tdiv_r_2exp$U.lo mpz/tdiv_r_ui$U.lo \
mpz/tstbit$U.lo mpz/ui_pow_ui$U.lo mpz/ui_sub$U.lo mpz/urandomb$U.lo \
mpz/urandomm$U.lo mpz/xor$U.lo
MPQ_OBJECTS = mpq/abs$U.lo mpq/aors$U.lo \
mpq/canonicalize$U.lo mpq/clear$U.lo mpq/clears$U.lo \
mpq/cmp$U.lo mpq/cmp_si$U.lo mpq/cmp_ui$U.lo mpq/div$U.lo \
mpq/get_d$U.lo mpq/get_den$U.lo mpq/get_num$U.lo mpq/get_str$U.lo \
mpq/init$U.lo mpq/inits$U.lo mpq/inp_str$U.lo mpq/inv$U.lo \
mpq/md_2exp$U.lo mpq/mul$U.lo mpq/neg$U.lo mpq/out_str$U.lo \
mpq/set$U.lo mpq/set_den$U.lo mpq/set_num$U.lo \
mpq/set_si$U.lo mpq/set_str$U.lo mpq/set_ui$U.lo \
mpq/equal$U.lo mpq/set_z$U.lo mpq/set_d$U.lo \
mpq/set_f$U.lo mpq/swap$U.lo
MPN_OBJECTS = mpn/fib_table$U.lo mpn/mp_bases$U.lo
printf/asprintf$U.lo printf/asprntffuns$U.lo \
printf/doprnt$U.lo printf/doprntf$U.lo printf/doprnti$U.lo \
printf/fprintf$U.lo \
printf/obprintf$U.lo printf/obvprintf$U.lo printf/obprntffuns$U.lo \
printf/printf$U.lo printf/printffuns$U.lo \
printf/snprintf$U.lo printf/snprntffuns$U.lo \
printf/sprintf$U.lo printf/sprintffuns$U.lo \
printf/vasprintf$U.lo printf/vfprintf$U.lo printf/vprintf$U.lo \
printf/vsnprintf$U.lo printf/vsprintf$U.lo \
scanf/doscan$U.lo scanf/fscanf$U.lo scanf/fscanffuns$U.lo \
scanf/scanf$U.lo scanf/sscanf$U.lo scanf/sscanffuns$U.lo \
scanf/vfscanf$U.lo scanf/vscanf$U.lo scanf/vsscanf$U.lo
libgmp_la_SOURCES = gmp-impl.h longlong.h randmt.h \
assert.c compat.c errno.c extract-dbl.c invalid.c memory.c \
mp_bpl.c mp_clz_tab.c mp_dv_tab.c mp_minv_tab.c mp_get_fns.c mp_set_fns.c \
rand.c randclr.c randdef.c randiset.c randlc2s.c randlc2x.c randmt.c \
randmts.c rands.c randsd.c randsdui.c randbui.c randmui.c version.c \
# From
gmp_mpn_functions_optional=umul udiv \
invert_limb sqr_diagonal \
mul_2 mul_3 mul_4 \
addmul_2 addmul_3 addmul_4 addmul_5 addmul_6 addmul_7 addmul_8 \
addlsh1_n sublsh1_n rsblsh1_n rsh1add_n rsh1sub_n \
addlsh2_n sublsh2_n rsblsh2_n \
addlsh_n sublsh_n rsblsh_n \
add_n_sub_n addaddmul_1msb0
gmp_mpn_functions=${extra_functions} \
add add_1 add_n sub sub_1 sub_n neg com mul_1 addmul_1 \
submul_1 lshift rshift dive_1 diveby3 divis divrem divrem_1 divrem_2 \
fib2_ui mod_1 mod_34lsub1 mode1o pre_divrem_1 pre_mod_1 dump \
mod_1_1 mod_1_2 mod_1_3 mod_1_4 lshiftc \
mul mul_fft mul_n sqr mul_basecase sqr_basecase nussbaumer_mul \
random random2 pow_1 \
rootrem sqrtrem get_str set_str scan0 scan1 popcount hamdist cmp \
perfsqr perfpow \
gcd_1 gcd gcdext_1 gcdext gcd_lehmer gcd_subdiv_step \
gcdext_lehmer gcdext_subdiv_step \
div_q tdiv_qr jacbase get_d \
matrix22_mul hgcd2 hgcd mullo_n mullo_basecase \
toom22_mul toom32_mul toom42_mul toom52_mul toom62_mul \
toom33_mul toom43_mul toom53_mul toom63_mul \
toom44_mul \
toom6h_mul toom6_sqr toom8h_mul toom8_sqr \
toom_couple_handling \
toom2_sqr toom3_sqr toom4_sqr \
toom_eval_dgr3_pm1 toom_eval_dgr3_pm2 \
toom_eval_pm1 toom_eval_pm2 toom_eval_pm2exp toom_eval_pm2rexp \
toom_interpolate_5pts toom_interpolate_6pts toom_interpolate_7pts \
toom_interpolate_8pts toom_interpolate_12pts toom_interpolate_16pts \
invertappr invert binvert mulmod_bnm1 sqrmod_bnm1 \
sbpi1_div_q sbpi1_div_qr sbpi1_divappr_q \
dcpi1_div_q dcpi1_div_qr dcpi1_divappr_q \
mu_div_qr mu_divappr_q mu_div_q \
bdiv_q_1 \
sbpi1_bdiv_q sbpi1_bdiv_qr \
dcpi1_bdiv_q dcpi1_bdiv_qr \
mu_bdiv_q mu_bdiv_qr \
bdiv_q bdiv_qr \
divexact bdiv_dbm1c redc_1 redc_2 redc_n powm powlo powm_sec subcnd_n \
redc_1_sec trialdiv remove \
and_n andn_n nand_n ior_n iorn_n nior_n xor_n xnor_n \
copyi copyd zero \
# end verbatim copy
MULFUNC_add_n= aors_n
MULFUNC_sub_n= aors_n
MULFUNC_addmul_1= aorsmul_1
MULFUNC_submul_1= aorsmul_1
MULFUNC_popcount= popham
MULFUNC_hamdist= popham
MULFUNC_and_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_andn_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_nand_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_ior_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_iorn_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_nior_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_xor_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_xnor_n= logops_n
MULFUNC_lshift= lorrshift
MULFUNC_rshift= lorrshift
MULFUNC_addlsh1_n= aorslsh1_n
MULFUNC_sublsh1_n= aorslsh1_n
MULFUNC_rsh1add_n= rsh1aors_n
MULFUNC_rsh1sub_n= rsh1aors_n
.for func in ${gmp_mpn_functions}
.for mapfunc in ${func} ${MULFUNC_${func}}
.for mapsource in mpn/generic/${mapfunc}.c
.for source in mpn/generic/${func}.c
.if exists(${mapsource}) && empty(MPNSRC:M${source})
.if !exists(${source})
${source}: ${mapsource} mkdirs
cp ${.ALLSRC:Nmkdirs} ${.TARGET}
CLEANFILES+= ${source}
.ORDER: mkdirs ${source}
MPNSRC+= ${source}
${source:.c=.o}: ${source}
${CC} -o ${.TARGET} ${CFLAGS} -DOPERATION_${func} -c ${.ALLSRC}
SRCS= ${LO_OBJECTS:.lo=.c} ${libgmp_la_SOURCES} ${MPNSRC}
SRCS+= tal-reent.c
# the following are generated sources, so we have to add them
# explicitly to SRCS
GENSRC= fac_ui.h fib_table.h mpn/fib_table.c mp_bases.h perfsqr.h
GENSRC+= trialdivtab.h
fac_ui.h: gen-fac_ui.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-fac_ui.nx ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
fib_table.h: gen-fib.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-fib.nx header ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
mpn/fib_table.c: gen-fib.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-fib.nx table ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
mp_bases.h: gen-bases.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-bases.nx header ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
mpn/mp_bases.c: gen-bases.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-bases.nx table ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
perfsqr.h: gen-psqr.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-psqr.nx ${LONG_INT_BITS} 0 > ${.TARGET}
trialdivtab.h: gen-trialdivtab.nx
${.OBJDIR}/gen-trialdivtab.nx $(LONG_INT_BITS) 8000 > ${.TARGET}
.for _gen in fac_ui fib bases psqr trialdivtab
gen-${_gen}.nx: gen-${_gen}.c dumbmp.c
${NXCC} ${.ALLSRC:M*/gen-*} -o ${.TARGET} -lm
CLEANFILES+= gen-${_gen}.nx
GENDIRS= mpf mpz mpq mpn mpn/generic printf scanf
beforedepend: mkdirs
mkdir -p ${GENDIRS}
.include <>
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