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# Makefile.source and Makefile: Directions for building and installing OPIE.
# %%% portions-copyright-cmetz-96
# Portions of this software are Copyright 1996-1999 by Craig Metz, All Rights
# Reserved. The Inner Net License Version 2 applies to these portions of
# the software.
# You should have received a copy of the license with this software. If
# you didn't get a copy, you may request one from <>.
# Portions of this software are Copyright 1995 by Randall Atkinson and Dan
# McDonald, All Rights Reserved. All Rights under this copyright are assigned
# to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The NRL Copyright Notice and
# License Agreement applies to this software.
# History:
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.4. Add libmissing to include header path.
# Renamed realclean to distclean. Added opieauto rules. Made
# system program install more tolerant of non-existent files.
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.31. Moved logwtmp.o into libopie.
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.3. Removed manual config -- it's
# Autoconf or bust. Replaced user configuration options
# with options.h. Eliminated unused variables. Pass down
# $(DEBUG) instead of several other variables to the
# subdirs. Extended/standard key file support. Added
# dependencies on subdir files. Made opietest call silent.
# Removed opie-md4, opie-md5, and key aliases. Removed
# test target. Make uninstall remove man page aliases.
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.22. Removed @LIBOBJS@ from MISSING for
# Autoconf target. Re-ordered LFLAGS because some ld's won't
# include libmissing properly if it's not at the end.
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.21. Added getusershell.o to IRIX
# missing functions.
# Modified by cmetz for OPIE 2.2. Added NEW_PROMPTS definition.
# Added MISSING and new flags-passing for libmissing.
# Quote MISSING or lose. Update TEST target for FTPD
# variable. Removed line formatting for compile commands
# since macro expansion confuses the issue anyway.
# Added targets for opieserv. Added targets for opietest.
# Removed obselete options.h target. Swapped libmissing
# and libopie. Updated manual config options. Added more
# explanatory text. Fixed uses of old SYSV and BSD4_3
# symbols.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.2: Renamed LDFLAGS setting to LIBS,
# renamed LDFLAGS in targets to LFLAGS. Added targets for
# libopie and libmissing directories. Got rid of PROTOTYPES.
# Added opiegen. Fixed RANLIB Autoconf target.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.11: Fixed fatal mistype of Autoconf.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.1: Changed targets to reflect source
# file name changes. Changed explanation and flags for static
# linking. Changed opieinfo target. Removed WHOAMI. Added
# Autoconf targets. Changed if conditionals to use test
# instead of [. Changed SU_DIR to SU to help autoconf.
# Changed FTPDIR and FTPDNAME to FTPD to help autoconf.
# Changed HP-UX to HP-UX9 and HP-UX10. Make uninstall
# target depend on config. HPUX *is* no longer necessary, but
# something does have to be there. Sub in Autoconf @CC@.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.04: Re-worded explanation of SU_STAR_CHECK.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.02: Added SU_STAR_CHECK flag.
# Modified at NRL for OPIE 2.01: Test target makes opiesu and opielogin
# setuid. install target clears that. uninstall target needs to
# remove the opiekey symlinks. opieinfo target needs to
# substitute for $(EXISTS). ifdefs target needs to check for
# starting hash. $(LFLAGS) and -o should be at the end of all
# link commands to spoon-feed drain bamaged link editors. Added
# A/UX defaults.
# Modified heavily at NRL for OPIE 2.0.
# Written at Bellcore for the S/Key Version 1 software distribution
# (Makefile).
# Shell to use for make(1)
# It's usually a good idea to leave this as-is. On some systems, ksh or bash
# may be necessary
# OWNER is the username who should own the OPIE binaries.
# GROUP is the groupname associated with the OPIE binaries.
# Where should the OPIE standard and extended databases be stored?
# Some sites might want to put this elsewhere. If you want to use an old
# S/Key database, you should create a link from /etc/skeykeys to /etc/opiekeys.
# Are we debugging?
# The first line will build a normal version of OPIE. You should use it.
# The second is for brave souls porting OPIE to a new system or trying to
# debug it and should definitely NOT be used to build a production copy
# of OPIE.
# The third is the above using nifty heap debugger called "Electric Fence".
#DEBUG=-DDEBUG=1 -g -lefence
# These parameters are determined by Autoconf and are probably correct.
# If OPIE doesn't build or work right, try tweaking these.
CFLAGS=$(DEBUG) -Ilibmissing
LFLAGS=-Llibopie -Llibmissing -lopie $(LIBS) -lmissing -lopie
LDEPS=libmissing/libmissing.a libopie/libopie.a
all: client server
egrep '^#*if*def' *.c *.h | cut -f2 -d: | sort | uniq
client: libopie/libopie.a libmissing/libmissing.a opietest-passed opiekey opiegen $(OPIEAUTO)
client-install: client
@echo "Installing OPIE client software..."
@echo "Copying OPIE key-related files"
@if test ! -d $(LOCALBIN); then $(MKDIR) $(LOCALBIN); chmod 755 $(LOCALBIN); fi
@cp opiekey $(OPIEAUTO) $(LOCALBIN)
@$(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(LOCALBIN)/opiekey
@if test ! -z "$(OPIEAUTO)"; then $(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(LOCALBIN)/opieauto; fi
@chgrp $(GROUP) $(LOCALBIN)/opiekey
@echo "Changing file permissions"
@chmod 0511 $(LOCALBIN)/opiekey
@if test ! -z "$(OPIEAUTO)"; then chmod 0511 $(LOCALBIN)/opieauto; fi
@echo "Symlinking aliases to opiekey"
@-ln -s $(LOCALBIN)/opiekey $(LOCALBIN)/otp-md4
@-ln -s $(LOCALBIN)/opiekey $(LOCALBIN)/otp-md5
@echo "Installing manual pages"
@-for i in otp-md4 otp-md5; do ln -s opiekey.1 $(LOCALMAN)/man1/$$i.1; done
@if test ! -d $(LOCALMAN)/man1; then $(MKDIR) $(LOCALMAN)/man1; chmod 755 $(LOCALMAN)/man1; fi; cp opiekey.1 $(LOCALMAN)/man1/opiekey.1; $(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(LOCALMAN)/man1/opiekey.1; chgrp $(GROUP) $(LOCALMAN)/man1/opiekey.1; chmod 644 $(LOCALMAN)/man1/opiekey.1
server: libopie/libopie.a libmissing/libmissing.a opietest-passed opielogin opiesu opiepasswd opieinfo opieftpd opieserv
server-install: server
@echo "Installing OPIE server software..."
@echo "Copying OPIE user programs"
@if test ! -d $(LOCALBIN); then $(MKDIR) $(LOCALBIN); chmod 755 $(LOCALBIN); fi
@cp opiepasswd opieinfo $(LOCALBIN)
@echo "Changing ownership"
@$(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(LOCALBIN)/opiepasswd $(LOCALBIN)/opieinfo
@chgrp $(GROUP) $(LOCALBIN)/opiepasswd $(LOCALBIN)/opieinfo
@echo "Changing file permissions"
@chmod 0555 $(LOCALBIN)/opieinfo
@chmod 4511 $(LOCALBIN)/opiepasswd
@echo "Installing OPIE system programs..."
@if test ! -z $(LOGIN); \
then \
if test ! $(EXISTS) $(LOGIN).$(BACKUP); \
then \
echo "Renaming existing $(LOGIN) to $(LOGIN).$(BACKUP)"; \
mv $(LOGIN) $(LOGIN).$(BACKUP); \
echo "Clearing permissions on $(LOGIN)"; \
chmod 0 $(LOGIN).$(BACKUP); \
fi; \
echo "Copying OPIE login to $(LOGIN)"; \
cp opielogin $(LOGIN); \
echo "Changing ownership of $(LOGIN)"; \
chgrp $(GROUP) $(LOGIN); \
echo "Changing file permissions of $(LOGIN)"; \
chmod 4111 $(LOGIN); \
@if test ! -z $(SU); \
then \
if test ! $(EXISTS) $(SU).$(BACKUP); \
then \
echo "Renaming existing $(SU) to $(SU).$(BACKUP)"; \
mv $(SU) $(SU).$(BACKUP); \
echo "Clearing permissions on $(SU)"; \
chmod 0 $(SU).$(BACKUP); \
fi; \
echo "Copying OPIE su to $(SU)"; \
cp opiesu $(SU); \
echo "Changing ownership of $(SU)"; \
$(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(SU); \
chgrp $(GROUP) $(SU); \
echo "Changing file permissions of $(SU)"; \
chmod 4111 $(SU); \
@if test ! -z $(ALT_SU); \
then \
if test ! $(EXISTS) $(ALT_SU).$(BACKUP); \
then \
echo "Renaming existing $(ALT_SU) to $(ALT_SU).$(BACKUP)"; \
mv $(ALT_SU) $(ALT_SU).$(BACKUP); \
echo "Clearing permissions on $(ALT_SU)"; \
chmod 0 $(ALT_SU).$(BACKUP); \
fi; \
echo "Copying OPIE su to $(ALT_SU)"; \
cp opiesu $(ALT_SU); \
echo "Changing ownership of $(ALT_SU)"; \
$(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(ALT_SU); \
chgrp $(GROUP) $(ALT_SU); \
echo "Changing file permissions of $(ALT_SU)"; \
chmod 4111 $(ALT_SU); \
@if test ! -z $(FTPD); \
then \
if test ! $(EXISTS) $(FTPD).$(BACKUP); \
then \
echo "Renaming existing $(FTPD) to $(FTPD).$(BACKUP)"; \
mv $(FTPD) $(FTPD).$(BACKUP); \
echo "Clearing permissions on $(FTPD).$(BACKUP)"; \
chmod 0 $(FTPD).$(BACKUP); \
fi; \
echo "Copying OPIE ftp daemon to $(FTPD)"; \
cp opieftpd $(FTPD); \
echo "Changing ownership of $(FTPD)"; \
$(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(FTPD); \
chgrp $(GROUP) $(FTPD); \
echo "Changing file permissions of $(FTPD)"; \
chmod 0100 $(FTPD); \
@echo "Making sure OPIE database file exists";
@touch $(KEY_FILE)
@echo "Changing permissions of OPIE database file"
@chmod 0644 $(KEY_FILE)
@echo "Changing ownership of OPIE database file"
@chgrp $(GROUP) $(KEY_FILE)
@-if test ! -z "$(LOCK_DIR)"; then echo "Creating OPIE lock directory"; mkdir $(LOCK_DIR); $(CHOWN) 0 $(LOCK_DIR); chgrp 0 $(LOCK_DIR); chmod 0700 $(LOCK_DIR); fi;
@-if test ! -z "$(ACCESS_FILE)"; then echo "Creating OPIE access file (don't say we didn't warn you)"; touch $(ACCESS_FILE); $(CHOWN) 0 $(ACCESS_FILE); chgrp 0 $(ACCESS_FILE); chmod 0444 $(ACCESS_FILE); fi;
@echo "Installing manual pages"
@if test ! -d $(LOCALMAN); then $(MKDIR) $(LOCALMAN); chmod 755 $(LOCALMAN); fi
@for i in 1 4 5 8; do for j in *.$$i; do if test ! -d $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i; then $(MKDIR) $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i; chmod 755 $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i; fi; cp $$j $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i/$$j; $(CHOWN) $(OWNER) $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i/$$j; chgrp $(GROUP) $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i/$$j; chmod 644 $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i/$$j; done; done
@echo "REMEMBER to run opiepasswd on your users immediately."
install: client-install server-install
@echo "Un-installing OPIE..."
@echo "Removing symlinks"
@-for i in otp-md4 otp-md5; do rm $(LOCALBIN)/$$i; done
@echo "Removing OPIE programs"
@-for i in opiekey opiepasswd opieinfo; do rm $(LOCALBIN)/$$i; done
@echo "Removing OPIE manual pages"
@-for i in 1 4 5 8; do for j in *.$$i; do rm $(LOCALMAN)/man$$i/$$j; done; done
@-rm $(LOCALMAN)/man1/otp-md4.1 $(LOCALMAN)/man1/otp-md5.1
@echo "Restoring old binaries"
@-for i in $(SU) $(ALT_SU) $(LOGIN) $(FTPD); do FILE=`basename $$i`; if test ! $(EXISTS) $$i.$(BACKUP); then echo "No $$i.$(BACKUP)! Aborting."; exit 1; else echo "Removing $$FILE"; rm $$i || true; echo "Restoring old $$FILE"; mv $$i.$(BACKUP) $$i; fi; done
@echo "Resetting permissions"
@chmod 4111 $(SU) $(LOGIN)
@chmod 0100 $(FTPD)
@if test ! -z "$(ALT_SU)"; then chmod 4111 $(ALT_SU); fi
@echo "OPIE is now un-installed."
@echo "Please verify by hand that this process worked."
opietest-passed: opietest
-./opietest && touch opietest-passed
libopie/libopie.a: libopie/*.c *.h
(cd libopie ; $(MAKE) libopie.a CFL='$(CFLAGS) -DKEY_FILE=\"$(KEY_FILE)\"')
libmissing/libmissing.a: libmissing/*.c
(cd libmissing ; $(MAKE) libmissing.a CFL='$(CFLAGS)')
-rm -f *.o opiekey opiegen opielogin opiepasswd opiesu opieftpd
-rm -f opieserv opieinfo opietest opieauto *core* opietest-passed
-rm -f Makefile.munge configure.munger .gdb*
(cd libopie ; $(MAKE) clean)
(cd libmissing ; $(MAKE) clean)
realclean: distclean
distclean: clean
-rm -f *~ core* "\#*\#" Makefile make.log
-rm -f config.log config.status config.cache config.h
(cd libopie ; $(MAKE) distclean)
(cd libmissing ; $(MAKE) distclean)
opiekey: opiekey.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opiekey.o $(LFLAGS) -o opiekey
opiegen: opiegen.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opiegen.o $(LFLAGS) -o opiegen
opieserv: opieserv.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opieserv.o $(LFLAGS) -o opieserv
opieftpd: opieftpd.o glob.o popen.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opieftpd.o glob.o popen.o $(LFLAGS) -o opieftpd
opielogin: opielogin.o permsfile.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opielogin.o permsfile.o $(LFLAGS) -o opielogin
opiepasswd: opiepasswd.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opiepasswd.o $(LFLAGS) -o opiepasswd
opiesu: opiesu.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opiesu.o $(LFLAGS) -o opiesu ftpcmd.y
$(YACC) ftpcmd.y
opieinfo: opieinfo.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opieinfo.o $(LFLAGS) -o opieinfo
opietest: opietest.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opietest.o $(LFLAGS) -o opietest
opieauto: opieauto.o $(LDEPS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) opieauto.o $(LFLAGS) -o opieauto
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