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sh: Add test for exit status of for loop without items.

POSIX says the exit status of a for loop without any items shall be 0.
There are no exceptions if the exit status of the previous command was
not 0 or if the item list contains a command substitution with non-zero
exit status.

Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 226892
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Peter Avalos
Peter Avalos committed Dec 25, 2011
1 parent 15ea693 commit c7e5ca9174c054125469d531b6f5726b7d557e61
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  1. +4 −0 tools/regression/bin/sh/builtins/for1.0
@@ -0,0 +1,4 @@
+# $FreeBSD: src/tools/regression/bin/sh/builtins/for1.0,v 1.1 2011/10/28 23:02:21 jilles Exp $
+for i in `false`; do exit 3; done

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