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Makefile.inc1: Unbreak buildworld

There was a bootstrap problem with gcc47.
For systems without gcc47 (which is almost all of them), the buildworld
failed on the first gcc47 libraries which require gcc47 to build.  The
gnu/lib/gcc47/csu target was duplicated and the makefile was attempting
to build it before gcc47 was installed.
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1 parent 5113665 commit ce38cc158226ab53f412af0f540e6a2e9d53b70f John Marino committed with tuxillo Oct 3, 2012
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@@ -809,7 +809,7 @@ _gcc_common_cross= gnu/usr.bin/gmp gnu/usr.bin/mpfr
_gcc44_cross= gnu/usr.bin/cc44
_gcc44_tools= gnu/usr.bin/cc44/cc_prep gnu/usr.bin/cc44/cc_tools
.if !defined(NO_GCC47)
-_gcc47_cross= lib/libz gnu/usr.bin/mpc gnu/lib/gcc47/csu gnu/usr.bin/cc47
+_gcc47_cross= lib/libz gnu/usr.bin/mpc gnu/usr.bin/cc47
_gcc47_tools= gnu/usr.bin/cc47/cc_prep gnu/usr.bin/cc47/cc_tools
_custom_cross= libexec/customcc

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