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Commits on Apr 28, 2016
  1. @ivadasz

    boot/common: Clean up, ansify some functions, remove unneeded stateme…

    ivadasz committed Apr 28, 2016
    * No functional changes.
    * Change some int variables into size_t in boot/common/module.c.
    * Use MAX macro.
  2. @zrj-rimwis

    drm/radeon: Retire old UMS driver.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 28, 2016
    Cleanup before next, removed upstream.
  3. tcp: Count connections by TCP state

    Sepherosa Ziehau committed Apr 28, 2016
    Inspired-by: FreeBSD 'netstat -s -p tcp' output
  4. @zrj-rimwis

    Use size_t to remove casts.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 28, 2016
    While there, perform some style(9) fixes.
    No functional change.
  5. @zrj-rimwis

    examples: Add binary firmware wrapping reference script.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 26, 2016
    Mainly to keep base with dports synchronized.
    Also could be used while developing drivers to quickly make
    firmware modules for testing.
  6. @zrj-rimwis

    boot/loader: Handle the /boot/modules.local

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 26, 2016
    Weather /boot/modules.local is used during boot or by kldload(8)
    is controlled by a new "local_modules" loader variable.
    If local_modules is set to "YES", /boot/modules.local is also
    appended to kern.module_path sysctl variable for use by kldload(8).
    Setting variable to any other value disables that.
    By default allow modules to searched in /boot/modules.local directory
    since it does not shadow the default kernel modules and has lower
    directory search priority.
  7. @zrj-rimwis

    mtree: Create /boot/modules.local

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 26, 2016
    Intended for external modules and firmware e.g. from dports or for
    user driver testing to keep base system clean during development.
    This directory does not get affected when upgrading base system.
  8. @kusumi
Commits on Apr 27, 2016
  1. @ivadasz

    ahci: Add and use AHCI_PREG_SCTL_IPM_NODEVSLP definition from ahci-1.…

    ivadasz committed Apr 23, 2016
    * The DevSleep interface power saving state was introduced with the
      ahci-1.3.1 specification. However actual DevSleep support needs to be
      recognized via the AHCI_REG_CAP2_SDS bit, since many controllers
      identifying as ahci-1.3 already support DevSleep.
    * Since the correct bitmask to use in the AHCI_PREG_SCTL_IPM field
      for disabling all power-management features depends on DevSleep support,
      store that precomputed value in sc->sc_ipm_disable.
    * Make some operations on the AHCI_PREG_SCTL_IPM_* bitfield a bit clearer.
    * While there add AHCI_PREG_CMD_ICC_DEVSLEEP definition.
  2. tcp: No need to return tcpcb from tcp_newtcpcb()

    Sepherosa Ziehau committed Apr 27, 2016
  3. tcp: Remove redundant tcpcb state setting

    Sepherosa Ziehau committed Apr 27, 2016
  4. dhclient: Log a warning instead of bailing upon "illegal" options

    Sepherosa Ziehau committed Apr 27, 2016
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD  r298385
Commits on Apr 26, 2016
  1. Sync zoneinfo database with tzdata2016d from…

    Sascha Wildner committed Apr 26, 2016
    * America/Caracas switches from -0430 to -04 on 2016-05-01 at 02:30.
        (Thanks to Alexander Krivenyshev for the heads-up.)
    * Asia/Magadan switched from +10 to +11 on 2016-04-24 at 02:00.
        (Thanks to Alexander Krivenyshev and Matt Johnson.)
    * New zone Asia/Tomsk, split off from Asia/Novosibirsk.  It covers
        Tomsk Oblast, Russia, which switches from +06 to +07 on 2016-05-29
        at 02:00.  (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)
    * New zone Europe/Kirov, split off from Europe/Volgograd.  It covers
        Kirov Oblast, Russia, which switched from +04/+05 to +03/+04 on
        1989-03-26 at 02:00, roughly a year after Europe/Volgograd made
        the same change.  (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)
    * Russia and nearby locations had daylight-saving transitions on
        1992-03-29 at 02:00 and 1992-09-27 at 03:00, instead of on
        1992-03-28 at 23:00 and 1992-09-26 at 23:00.  (Thanks to Stepan
    * Many corrections to historical time in Kazakhstan from 1991
        through 2005.  (Thanks to Stepan Golosunov.)  Replace Kazakhstan's
        invented time zone abbreviations with numeric abbreviations.
    * Mention Internet RFCs 7808 (TZDIST) and 7809 (CalDAV time zone references).
  2. @zrj-rimwis

    hier.7: Add missing /etc/devd entry.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 26, 2016
    There is also empty /etc/X11 /etc/skell in BSD.root.dist
    and documented /pfs/ not in BSD.root.dist
  3. @zrj-rimwis

    mtree: Move pam.d to correct dirname order.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 22, 2016
    Reduces diffs when comparing with
Commits on Apr 25, 2016
  1. drm/i915: Remove a duplicated assignment

    François Tigeot committed Apr 25, 2016
    Noticed-by: davshao, issue #2903
Commits on Apr 24, 2016
  1. Sync ACPICA with Intel's version 20160422.

    Sascha Wildner committed Apr 25, 2016
    * Fixed AcpiHwRead/AcpiHwWrite regression from 20160318. It was
      insufficiently worked around by me in 3b9bfd2, but was
      still causing issues with qemu (as reported by zrj).
    * Support for I2cSerialBusV2, SpiSerialBusV2 and UartSerialBusV2.
      The original non-V2 names are deprecated. V2 macros have one
      new argument.
    * Support for new integer field in _BIX's returned package object.
    * New PCCT subtable (HW-Reduced Comm Subspace Type2).
    * Various improvements to iASL.
    For a more detailed list, please see sys/contrib/dev/acpica/changes.txt.
    Tested-by: ivadasz, zrj
  2. @kusumi
Commits on Apr 23, 2016
  1. drm/i915/gem: Switch to the Linux scatterlist API

    François Tigeot committed Apr 23, 2016
    * We were previously using regular arrays of pointers to vm pages
    * This change tremendously reduces differences with the Linux code
      and will make future evolutions of this driver easier to implement
    * Remove some unused i915 agp functions while I'm here
  2. kernel - Reduce BSS size (3)

    Matthew Dillon committed Apr 23, 2016
    * Fix ordering issue in emergency interrupt thread management.  These
      routines may be called before objcache is operational, so we have to
      kmalloc() the thread structure manually.
    Reported-by: jh32
  3. kernel - Enhance the examine (x) command.

    Matthew Dillon committed Apr 23, 2016
    * Change x/a to work similar to gdb.  The content of the memory is
      treated as an address, printed symbolically and the address is advanced.
      This way you can x/a <stack_address> and then just hit return a bunch
      of times to locate useful data on the stack.
    * Add x/p.  The content of the memory is treated as an address and
      printed as hex.
  4. kernel - Reduce BSS size (2)

    Matthew Dillon committed Apr 22, 2016
    * Fix a bunch of other places in the kernel where large BSS arrays are
      declared.  Reduces the kernel image by another ~2MB or so on top of
      the ~6MB saved in the last commit.
    * Primarily these are places where a 'struct thread' is being embedded
      in a structure which is being declared [MAXCPU].  With MAXCPU at 256
      the result is pretty bloated.  Changing the embedded thread to a
      thread pointer removes most of the bloat.
  5. kernel - Reduce BSS size to fix loader initrd problem

    Charlie Root committed Apr 22, 2016
    * kernel + modules + initrd.img (unpacked) exceeded the 63MB the loader has
      available for load-time data.
    * Top hogs are mainly in BSS.  Make intr_info_ary and pcpu_sysctl
      kmalloc after boot instead of BSS as a temporary fix.
        335872  ifnet_threads
        335872  netisr_cpu
        339968  dummy_pcpu
        344064  bsd4_pcpu
        344064  stoppcbs
        346112  softclock_pcpu_ary
        538624  cpu_topology_nodes
        755712  dfly_pcpu
        786432  icu_irqmaps
        958464  map_entry_init
        1048576 idt_arr
        1064960 pcpu_sysctl		<---- now kmallocd
        1179648 ioapic_irqmaps	<---- (used too early, cannot be kmallocd)
        5242880 intr_info_ary	<---- now kmallocd
    * Should fix loader issues when trying to use initrd.img[.gz] for now.
    Reported-by: Valheru
Commits on Apr 22, 2016
  1. @ivadasz

    ahci: Add some DevSleep defintions. Recognize DevSleep link state.

    ivadasz committed Aug 2, 2015
    * Add the AHCI_PREG_SSTS_IPM_DEVSLEEP definition, and recognize
      the DevSleep power-state via the dev.ahci.X.Y.link_pwr_state sysctl.
    * Use AHCI_PREG_SSTS_* definitions in ahci_port_link_pwr_state(), instead
      of SATA_PM_SSTS_* ones.
    * Add CAP2 bits for DevSleep.
    * Add DEVSLP register definitions.
  2. @ivadasz

    ahci: Clean up SET_FEATURES definitions. Add some power-mgmt definiti…

    ivadasz committed Apr 22, 2016
    * The ATA_C_SATA_FEATURE_ENA and ATA_C_SATA_FEATURE_DIS definitions aren't
      ata commands themselves, they are subcommands of ATA_C_SET_FEATURES.
    * Add definitions for device-initiated power-management and for the
      devsleep power-state (which isn't supported in DragonFly yet).
  3. kernel/linux: Move M_DRM definition to kern_slaballoc.c

    François Tigeot committed Apr 22, 2016
    Making it available to more than the drm subsystem
  4. drm/radeon: Add explicit dependency to the acpi module

    François Tigeot committed Apr 22, 2016
    Suggested-by: zrj
  5. drm/i915: Add explicit dependency to the acpi module

    François Tigeot committed Apr 22, 2016
    Suggested-by: zrj
Commits on Apr 20, 2016
  1. gpt: Align partitions to 1MiB

    François Tigeot committed Apr 20, 2016
    Submitted-by: pascii, bug report #2830
Commits on Apr 19, 2016
  1. @zrj-rimwis

    efi/boot1: Fix best text mode detection.

    zrj-rimwis committed with zrj Apr 19, 2016
    According to EFI_SIMPLE_TEXT_OUTPUT_PROTOCOL QueryMode() specs
    Mode 0 is 80x25 and Mode 1 is 80x50, rest of device supported
    modes follow as modes 2 and above. In case when device does not
    support Mode 1, querying for it will return EFI_UNSUPPORTED.
    Tested-on: Toshiba laptop w/o Mode 1 support.
  2. @kusumi

    sys/kern: Fix mountctl options list

    kusumi committed Apr 19, 2016
    Add some minor mount flags that are missing in vfs_flagstostr().
    MNT_IGNORE should be ignored since the purpose of this flag is to ignore.
Commits on Apr 18, 2016
  1. @ivadasz

    sys/boot/efi/loader: Make module autoloading work as in pc32/loader.

    ivadasz committed Apr 18, 2016
    * For now keep sys/boot/efi/loader/autoload.c around, but we just
      use i386_module() from sys/boot/pc32/libi386/i386_module.c.
  2. @kusumi

    sbin/hammer: Use printf() instead of fprintf(stdout)

    kusumi committed Apr 18, 2016
    Follow sbin/hammer's coding style (as well as C in general).
     # grep "fprintf(stdout" sbin/hammer -riI
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:                                         fprintf(stdout, "\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:                         fprintf(stdout, "No mounted HAMMER filesystems found\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:                 fprintf(stdout, "No mounted filesystems found\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "Volume identification\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tLabel               %s\n", fip->vol_name);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tNo. Volumes         %d\n", fip->nvolumes);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tHAMMER Volumes      ");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tRoot Volume         %s\n", rootvol);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tFSID                %s\n", fsid);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tHAMMER Version      %d\n", fip->version);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "Big-block information\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tTotal      %10jd\n", (intmax_t)fip->bigblocks);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tUsed       %10jd (%.2lf%%)\n"
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "Space information\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tNo. Inodes %10jd\n", (intmax_t)fip->inodes);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tTotal size     %6s (%jd bytes)\n",
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tUsed           %6s (%.2lf%%)\n", buf,
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tReserved       %6s (%.2lf%%)\n", buf,
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tFree           %6s (%.2lf%%)\n", buf,
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "PFS information\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c: fprintf(stdout, "\tPFS ID  Mode    Snaps  Mounted on\n");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:         fprintf(stdout, "\t%6d  %-6s",
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:         fprintf(stdout, " %6s  ", (pi->head.error && pi->snapcount == 0) ? "-" : buf);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:                 fprintf(stdout, "%s", pi->mountedon);
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:                 fprintf(stdout, "not mounted");
     sbin/hammer/cmd_info.c:         fprintf(stdout, "\n");
  3. @kusumi

    sbin/hammer: Add no hammer found message if not mounted

    kusumi committed Apr 18, 2016
    The local variable 'first' being non-zero after the loop means
    none of them were hammer.
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