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Commits on Oct 1, 2012
  1. gcc47 build fixes: Unused-but-set-variable + more warnings

    John Marino authored
    The following programs fail to build with gcc47 due to the new
    unused-but-set-variable warning.  They've been fixed in various ways.
    The ones set with WARNS=3 suppress cast-qual warning
    There is a single enum-compare error too.
    This effort is not complete.
    bin/csh			pass -Wno-unused-but-set-variable
    bin/mined		source file modified
    bin/sh			set WARNS=3
    crypto/openssh		source file modified (2)
    gnu/lib/libdialog	source file modified
    gnu/usr.bin/gdb/kgdb	source file modified
    gnu/usr.bin/rcs 	source file modified
    lib/libalias		source file modified
    lib/libdevstat		source file modified
    lib/libdm		set WARNS=3
    lib/libevtr		source file modified
    lib/libldns		pass -Wno-unused-but-set-variable
    lib/libncp		source file modified
    lib/libpam		set WARNS=3
    lib/libsmdb		pass -Wno-unused-but-set-variable
    lib/libstand		source file modified (4)
    lib/libtcplay		source file modified
    lib/libthread_xu	source file modified (2)
    libexec/rshd		source file modified
    libexec/telnetd		source file modified
    libexec/ypxfr		pass -Wno-enum-compare
    sbin/atm/fore_dnld	source file modified
    sbin/atm/ilmid		source file modified
    sbin/atm/camcontrol	source file modifief (2)
    sbin/ccdconfig		source file modified
    sbin/cryptdisks		source file modified
    sbin/ffsinfo		source file modified
    sbin/fsirand		source file modified
    sbin/growfs		source file modified
    sbin/hammer		source file modified
    sbin/ldconfig		source file modified (real bug here?)
    sbin/mount		source file modified
    sbin/mount_ufs		source file modified
    sbin/mount_extfs	source file modified
    sbin/mountd		source file modified
    sbin/natd		source file modified
    sbin/newfs		source file modified
    sbin/ping6		set WARNS=3, source modified
    sbin/rcorder		source file modified
    sbin/reboot		source file modified (real bug here?)
    sbin/udevd		source file modified
    sbin/usched		source file modified
    sbin/vinum		source file modified
    sys/boot/common 	source file modified
    sys/boot/pc32/loader	source file modified
    usr.bin/brandelf	source file modified
    usr.bin/bzip2		pass -Wno-unused-but-set-variable
    usr.bin/dfregress	source file modified
    usr.bin/ee		source file modified
    usr.bin/less		pass -Wno-unused-but-set-variable
Commits on Sep 23, 2012
  1. ps - Adjust ps to account for kernel changes

    Matthew Dillon authored
    * ccpu no longer exists.
    * pctcpu is now accurate regardless of the lwp's state.
Commits on Sep 21, 2012
  1. ps - Show cpu# even when process is sleeping

    Matthew Dillon authored
    * Show the cpu# the process is scheduled on even when it is sleeping.
    * Add a 'Q' flag for 'R'unnable processes, indicating that it is runnable
      but on the user scheduler runq and does not actually have cpu at the
Commits on Sep 20, 2012
  1. Samuel J. Greear

    wmesg - Increase to 8 chars from 7

    thesjg authored
    * Increase top from 7 to 8 and use the WMESGLEN define in ps (previously 6).
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. ls - Add -I to reverse -A

    Matthew Dillon authored
    * ls implies -A when run as root. Add the -I option
      which disables this behavior.
    * Note that -A and -I will override each other on the
      command line.
Commits on Jul 15, 2012
  1. sh: Fix sh from exiting with newer versions of libedit

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 238377
  2. sh: mdoc nits.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:: FreeBSD 233992 235400
  3. sh: Work with make a little better:

    Peter Avalos authored
    1.  Avoid a cd back into ${.CURDIR} to run mkbuiltins when we know make
        will first cd into ${.OBJDIR}. Keep the cwd to what make sets it to.
    2.  Don't tell mkbuiltins where to write to (= ${.OBJDIR}), but where to
        get sources from (= ${.CURDIR}). This to compensate for point 1.
    This fixes a problem with bmake's mk files that optimize ${.OBJDIR} to
    expand to "." after changing cwd, not taking into account that the
    target is pretty much undoing that and not getting the full path to the
    object tree anymore.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 235927
  4. sh: Remove unneeded header file.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 235488
  5. sh: Fix build with -DDEBUG=2.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD 233792
  6. sh: Make 'hash' return 1 if at least one utility is not found.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD 231535
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
  1. Sweep-fix comparing pointers with 0 (and assigning 0 to pointers).

    Sascha Wildner authored
    For better readability, don't compare pointers with 0 or assign 0
    to them. Use NULL instead.
    The change was done with coccinelle.
Commits on Feb 5, 2012
  1. sh: Fix swapped INTON/INTOFF.

    Peter Avalos authored
    A possible consequence of this bug was a memory leak if SIGINT arrived
    during a 'set' command (listing variables).
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 231001
  2. sh: Use vfork in a few common cases.

    Peter Avalos authored
    This uses vfork() for simple commands and command substitutions containing a
    single simple command, invoking an external program under certain conditions
    (no redirections or variable assignments, non-interactive shell, no job
    control). These restrictions limit the amount of code executed in a vforked
    There is a large speedup (for example 35%) in microbenchmarks. The
    difference in buildkernel is smaller (for example 0.5%) but still
    statistically significant. See
    for some numbers.
    The use of vfork() can be disabled by setting a variable named
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230998
  3. sh: Fix $? in the first command of a 'for'.

    Peter Avalos authored
    In the first command of a 'for', $? should be the exit status of the last
    pipeline (command substitution in the word list or command before 'for'),
    not always 0.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230463
  4. sh: Remove "kill" example function, which is superseded by the kill

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230437
  5. sh: Fix execution of multiple statements in a trap when evalskip is set

    Peter Avalos authored
    Before this fix, only the first statement of the trap was executed if
    evalskip was set. This is for example the case when:
        o  "-e" is set for this shell
        o  a trap is set on EXIT
        o  a function returns 1 and causes the script to abort
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230212
  6. sh: Fix some bugs with exit status from case containing ;&.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Also, rework evalcase() to not evaluate any tree. Instead, return the
    NCLISTFALLTHRU node and handle it in evaltree().
    Fixed bugs:
    * If a ;& list with non-zero exit status is followed by an empty ;; or final
      list, the exit status of the case command should be equal to the exit
      status of the ;& list, not 0.
    * An empty ;& case should not reset $?.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230161
  7. sh: Fix two bugs with case and exit status:

    Peter Avalos authored
    * If no pattern is matched, POSIX says the exit status shall be 0 (even if
      there are command substitutions).
    * If a pattern is matched and there are no command substitutions, the first
      command should see the $? from before the case command, not always 0.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230154
  8. sh: Change input buffer size from 1023 to 1024.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Apparently this improves performance on slower platforms.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230118
  9. sh: Fix out of bounds array access when trap is used with an invalid

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230117
  10. sh: Properly show "Not a directory" error in cd builtin.

    Peter Avalos authored
    The errno message display added in 72cbf40 did not take attempting to
    cd to a non-directory or something that cannot be stat()ed into account.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 230095
  11. sh: Make various functions static.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 229220
  12. sh: Remove unused function scopyn().

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from: FreeBSD 229219
  13. sh: Make patmatch() non-recursive.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 229201
  14. sh: Allow quoting ^ and ] in bracket expressions.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228943
  15. sh: Use dirent.d_type in pathname generation.

    Peter Avalos authored
    This improves performance for globs where a slash or another component
    follows a component with metacharacters by eliminating unnecessary
    attempts to open directories that are not.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228942
  16. sh: Cache de->d_namlen in a local variable.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228941
  17. sh: Don't force special builtins non-special in optimized command subst.

    Peter Avalos authored
    This is not necessary: errors are already caught in evalbackcmd() and
    forcelocal handles changes to variables.
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228937
Commits on Jan 17, 2012
  1. varsym - Add -x option

    Matthew Dillon authored
    * Add the -x option which causes varsym to set per-process variables and
      then exec the command line from the first non-varsym-assign.  For example:
      varsym -x UNAME_n=fubar uname
      varsym -x UNAME_n=fubar /bin/csh
Commits on Dec 25, 2011
  1. sh: Remove impossible evalskip check in 'for'.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228015
  2. sh: Reduce one level of evaltree() recursion when executing 'case'.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Free expanded case text before executing commands.
    Remove impossible evalskip checks (expanding an argument cannot set
    evalskip anymore since $(break) and the like are properly executed
    in a subshell environment).
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 228013
  3. sh: Allow unsetting OPTIND.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 227773
  4. sh: Remove undefined behaviour due to overflow in +/-/* in arithmetic.

    Peter Avalos authored
    Obtained-from:  FreeBSD 227369
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