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# $FreeBSD: src/libexec/bootpd/README,v 1.5 1999/08/28 00:09:15 peter Exp $
# $DragonFly: src/libexec/bootpd/README,v 1.2 2003/06/17 04:27:07 dillon Exp $

This is an enhanced version of the CMU BOOTP server which was derived
from the original BOOTP server created by Bill Croft at Stanford.
This version merges all the enhancements and bug-fixes from the
NetBSD, Columbia, and other versions.

Please direct questions, comments, and bug reports to the list:

You can subscribe to this mailing list by sending mail to:
(The body of the message should contain: "Add <your-address>")

[ From the NetBSD README file: ]

BOOTPD is a useful adjunct to the nfs diskless boot EPROM code.

The alternatives for initiating a boot of a kernel across a network
are to use RARP protocol, or BOOTP protocol. BOOTP is more flexible;
it allows additional items of information to be returned to the
booting client; it also supports booting across gateways.

[ From the CMU README file: ]

1) BOOTP was originally designed and implemented by Bill Croft at Stanford.
   Much of the credit for the ideas and the code goes to him.  We've added
   code to support the vendor specific area of the packet as specified in
   RFC1048.  We've also improved the host lookup algorithm and added some
   extra logging.

2) The server now uses syslog to do logging.  Specifically it uses the 4.3bsd
   version.  I've #ifdef'd all of these calls.  If you are running 4.2 you
   should compile without the -DSYSLOG switch.

3) You must update your /etc/services file to contain the following two lines:
	bootps		67/udp		bootp		# BOOTP Server
	bootpc		68/udp				# BOOTP Client

4) Edit the bootptab.  It has some explanitory comments, and there
   is a manual entry describing its format (bootptab.5)
   If you have any questions, just let us know.

    [ See the file Installation which is more up-to-date. -gwr ]

    Make sure all of the files exist first.  If anything is missing,
    please contact either Walt Wimer or Drew Perkins by E-mail or phone.
    Addresses and phone numbers are listed below.

    Type 'make'.  The options at present are: -DSYSLOG which enables logging
    code, -DDEBUG which enables table dumping via signals, and -DVEND_CMU
    which enables the CMU extensions for CMU PC/IP.

    Edit the bootptab.  The man page and the comments in the file should
    explain how to go about doing so.  If you have any problems, let me know.

    Type 'make install'.  This should put all of the files in the right place.

    Edit your /etc/rc.local or /etc/inetd.conf file to start up bootpd upon
    reboot.  The following is a sample /etc/inetd.conf entry:
	# BOOTP server
	bootps dgram udp wait root /usr/etc/bootpd bootpd -i

Care and feeding:
    If you change the interface cards on your host or add new hosts you will
    need to update /etc/bootptab.  Just edit it as before.  Once you write
    it back out, bootpd will notice that there is a new copy and will
    reread it the next time it gets a request.

    If your bootp clients don't get a response then several things might be
    wrong.  Most often, the entry for that host is not in the database.
    Check the hardware address and then check the entry and make sure
    everything is right.  Other problems include the server machine crashing,
    bad cables, and the like.  If your network is very congested you should
    try making your bootp clients send additional requests before giving up.

November 7, 1988

Walter L. Wimer			Drew D. Perkins
(412) 268-6252			(412) 268-8576

4910 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA  15213

[ Contents description by file: ]

Announce*	Text of release announcements
Changes  	Change history, reverse chronological	Script to convert old (1.x) bootptab files
Installation	Instructions for building and installing
Makefile*	for "make"
README		This file
ToDo		Things not yet done
bootp.h		The protocol header file
bootpd.8	Manual page for bootpd, boopgw
bootpd.c	BOOTP server main module
bootpd.h	 header for above (and others)
bootpef.8	Manual page for bootpef
bootpef.c	BOOTP extension file compiler
bootpgw.c	BOOTP gateway main module
bootptab.5	A manual describing the bootptab format
bootptab.cmu	A sample database file for the server
bootptab.mcs	Another sample from <>
bootptest.8	Manual page for bootptest
bootptest.c	BOOTP test program (fake client)
bootptest.h	 header for above
dovend.c	Vendor Option builder (for bootpd, bootpef)
dovend.h	 header for above
dumptab.c	Implements debugging dump for bootpd
getether.c	For bootptest (not used yet)
getether.h	 header for above
getif.c		Get network interface info.
getif.h		 header for above
hash.c		The hash table module
hash.h		 header for above
hwaddr.c	Hardware address support
hwaddr.h	 header for above
lookup.c	Internet Protocol address lookup
lookup.h	 header for above
patchlevel.h	Holds version numbers
print-bootp.c	Prints BOOTP packets (taken from BSD tcpdump)
readfile.c	The configuration file-reading routines
readfile.h	 header for above
report.c	Does syslog-style messages
report.h	 header for above
strerror.c	Library errno-to-string (for systems lacking it)
syslog.conf	Sample config file for syslogd(8)
syslog.h	For systems that lack syslog(3)
try*.c		Test programs (for debugging)
tzone.c		Get timezone offset
tzone.h		 header for above
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