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OpenPAM is an open source PAM library that focuses on simplicity,
correctness, and cleanliness.

OpenPAM aims to gather the best features of Solaris PAM, XSSO and
Linux-PAM, plus some innovations of its own.  In areas where these
implementations disagree, OpenPAM tries to remain compatible with
Solaris, at the expense of XSSO conformance and Linux-PAM

These are some of OpenPAM's features:

   - Implements the complete PAM API as described in the original PAM
     paper and in OSF-RFC 86.0; this corresponds to the full XSSO API
     except for mappings and secondary authentication.  Also
     implements some extensions found in Solaris 9.

   - Extends the API with several useful and time-saving functions.

   - Performs strict checking of return values from service modules.

   - Reads configuration from /etc/pam.d/, /etc/pam.conf,
     /usr/local/etc/pam.d/ and /usr/local/etc/pam.conf, in that order;
     this will be made configurable in a future release.

Please direct bug reports and inquiries to <>.

$Id: README 424 2009-10-29 17:10:22Z des $
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