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Castor3D is a 3D engine written in C++ 17. It works on Windows and GNU/Linux. It relies on Ashes as a rendering API, allowing Vulkan, Direct3D 11, and OpenGL. The project itself is compilable on supported platforms using CMake (\ref build).


  • Deferred rendering for opaque objects.
  • Blended Weighted rendering for transparent objects.
  • Normal mapping.
  • Shadow Mapping (allowing to choose between Raw, PCF or Variance Shadow Maps).
  • Parallax Occlusion mapping.
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (using Scalable Ambiant Obscurance).
  • Reflection/Refraction Mapping.
  • PBR rendering (Metallic and Specular workflows), and Phong/Blinn-Phong rendering.
  • HDR rendering with various tone mapping operators.
  • Screen Space Subsurface Scattering (without backlit transmittance yet).
  • Volumetric Light Scattering for the directional light source, if it projects shadows.
  • Cascaded Shadow Maps for the directional light source.
  • Global Illumination, through Light Propagation Volumes (layered or non layered, with or without geometry injection), or through Voxel Cone Tracing.
  • Frustum culling.
  • Scene graph.
  • Render graph.
  • Modular architecture through plug-ins.
  • Shaders are generated automatically from pipeline configuration.
  • Shaders are writable directly from C++ code.
  • Scenes are described using a text format easily comprehensible and extensible.
  • Asynchronous (user defined) or synchronous (thread) rendering.

Implemented Plug-ins


  • ASSIMP: Multiple format mesh importer.
  • PLY: Stanford Polygon library mesh importer.


  • Bloom: HDR Bloom implementation.
  • PbrBloom: PBR Bloom implementation.
  • DrawEdges: Detects and renders edges, based on normal, depth, and or object ID.
  • FilmGrain: To display some grain on the render.
  • GrayScale: To convert the result to grayscale.
  • LightStreaks (using Kawase Light Streaks).
  • FXAA Antialiasing.
  • SMAA Antialiasing (1X and T2X so far).
  • Linear Motion Blur.


  • DiamondSquareTerrain: to generate terrains inside Castor3D scenes, using diamond-quare algorithm.


  • CastorGUI: to build GUIs inside Castor3D scenes.
  • ToonMaterial: A toon material (to be combined with DrawEdges plugin).
  • FFTOceanRendering: Ocean rendering using FFT generated surfaces.
  • OceanRendering: Basic ocean rendering, specifying waves attributes.
  • WaterRendering: Plane water surfaces rendering, using normal maps.
  • AtmosphereScattering : Sky and atmosphere rendering (using Scalable and Production Ready Sky and Atmosphere Rendering Technique).


  • LinearToneMapping: Default tone mapping.
  • HaarmPieterDuikerToneMapping: Haarm Pieter Duiker tone mapping.
  • HejlBurgessDawsonToneMapping: Hejl Burgess Dawson tone mapping.
  • ReinhardToneMapping: Reinhard tone mapping.
  • Uncharted2ToneMapping: Uncharted 2 tone mapping.
  • ACES: ACES tone mapping.

Other applications

  • CastorViewer: A scene viewer based on Castor3D.
  • CastorMeshConverter: A converter from various mesh files to Castor3D mesh format.
  • CastorMeshUpgrader: Upgrades from earlier versions of Castor3D mesh format to the latest one.
  • HeightMapToNormalMap: Converts height maps to normal maps.
  • ImgConverter: Allows you to convert any image file type to XPM or ICO.



You can reach me on the Discord server dedicated to my projects: DragonJoker's Lair


Sponza Sponza, VCT Cerberus Park Nyra, PBR SanMiguel, PBR SanMiguel, PBR, LPV Bistro, PBR, VCT