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2015-08-18 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Repaired the CPU timer.
2015-08-14 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Simplified plugins creation.
* Finished reviewing comments.
* Working on CPU time computation, which is erroneous.
* Now each plugin unloads its own translations from Translator
2015-08-13 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Removed pointer to the OpenGl instance, now GlHolder holds a reference to
* it.
* In GeometryBuffers, the vertex buffer is no more a pointer, and the index
* buffer is a unique_ptr.
* In Overlay, the geometry buffers is no more a pointer (same in
* BorderPanelOverlay).
* The controls just affect the visibility of their overlays and no more their
* children.
* In the same way, when they set their overlays visibility, they use
* m_visible instead of IsVisible, so the overlays have the same visibility
* as the control.
* Corrected colour shader, it didn't work on Intel GPUs.
* Translator now uses a C++ locale instead of a C one, so no more complaints
* from wxWidgets in debug.
* Added an help to GpuProgramming, ShaderEffects, ShaderWebcam, and
* OCLProcessing.
2015-08-12 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added DefaultCpuStep and DefaultGpuStep classes, to remove the dummy ones
* in plug-ins.
* Reviewed the comments.
* Reviewed the controls creation, they take the parent in the constructor
* instead of the Create method.
* Few optimisations, in Life Game based plug-ins, and ImageEffects too.
* Adding an help panel to ShaderEffects plug-in.
2015-08-11 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added Recorder class to remove record related stuff from RenderPanel.
* Added a method to plug-ins: HasCustomisableResolution(), to get that
* status, and not having anything more based on plug-in names.
* Removed Trace macro, using std::cerr.
2015-03-29 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Fixed the compile errors in ShaderWebcam.
* Updated translations.
2015-03-28 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Eventually corrected the resize problem with OCLProcessing
* Corrected the TextEffects
* Improved error management in OCLProcessing and ProceduralGenerator.
2015-03-19 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected the crashes in Perlin Noise and Iterated Function System.
2015-03-18 Sylvain Doremus <>
* The ControlsManager is now thread-safe.
* Added the possibility to use keyboard to move through listbox and
* combobox items.
* The CpuStep threads array is now a private member. This class provides
* DoForEachThread and DoForOneThread methods to apply a function to each
* thread or to one thread.
2015-03-17 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Few warnings corrected.
2015-03-16 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Button images are handled.
* Created XpmLoader class to load X-Pixmap 3 images.
* Button images are handled.
* Created XpmLoader class to load X-Pixmap 3 images.
2015-03-13 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Edit is finished.
* Modifying TextEffects to make it work correctly with it.
* Added a background image for the button control.
2015-03-12 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added a new event type : eCONTROL_EVENT, to handle Activation and
* Deactivation of a control.
* Added a KeyboardState in ControlsManager, to memorize the status of Ctrl,
* Alt and Shift keys.
* Added a new keyboard event type : eKEYBOARD_EVENT_CHAR, to handle the
* displayable key typed event.
* Added m_cursor member to Control, in order to customize the mouse cursor
* per control type (TEXT on EditCtrl, HAND for ButtonCtrl...)
* EditCtrl is nearly ended, just need to take care of multibyte characters
* when deleting them with DEL or BACKSPACE (I must use Utf8Iterator for
* that).
* Finished SliderCtrl.
2015-03-11 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added possibility to change mouse cursor when it is over a control.
* ComboBoxCtrl and SliderCtrl events are managed correctly. Now only
* EditCtrl remains.
2015-03-10 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Listbox events are processed correctly.
* Corrected the item positioning in combobox list.
* UTF-8 strings have a better support.
* Added Utf8Iterator class.
2015-03-09 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Now controls recursively set visibility to their childs.
2015-03-08 Sylvain Doremus <>
* All plug-ins' controls are created correctly.
* Removed OptionsPanel, ColorButtonCtrl, FileButtonCtrl, and
* ImageButtonCtrl.
* Remove event callbacks. The controls construction is eased.
* Reviewed the way Overlays are rendered: They are first sorted by Z-Index,
* taking care of their place in the hierarchy (level).
* Still need to review the combobox items visibility, in order to make the
* render bug free.
2015-03-06 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected a bug in gl::Texture. Once resized, if Initialised was not
* called, the texture was always considered resized, and was always
* black.
* Nearly all plug-ins are updated, just remains TextEffects.
2015-03-05 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Compatibility with VS2012.
* Implemented CPU and GPU times as static controls.
* Improved OverlayManager rendering performances.
* Gpu step and Cpu step are now on the same thread.
* RenderPanel timer can now come back to initial time if the steps time
* falls back under the wanted frame time.
* Nearly ended the generators which don't have a GPU step.
* The ProceduralGenerator has been split in Generator, CpuStep,
* and GpuStep.
* LifeGame, BuggedLifeGame, ColoredLifeGame, and
* DiffusionLimitedAggregation have been updated.
2015-03-04 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Implementing event system. Mouse events are implemented.
* Added a button to hide the options panel.
* Still some work to do on the way to find controls.
* Updated translations and corrected Translator so it can hold multiples
* translations.
* Added translations for OCLProcessing.
2015-03-03 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Now overlays are rendered in pixels and not in ratio, so no more
* interpolation in the render.
* GeometryBuffers, VertexBuffer, and Vertex are now template classes
* specialisations (of respectively TGeometryBuffers, TVertexBuffer, and TVertex), in order to be able change the vertex's position data type (float or int32_t).
* Continued controls implementation, removed callbacks (except for event
* callbacks, I will need some of them).
* Added possibility to change background and foreground colours (useful
* for sub-controls).
* Added EventHandler, Event, MouseEvent and KeyboardEvent classes.
* Added ControlManager class, to handle the events dispatching to
* appropriate controls.
* Implemented the controls display, just need to implement ListBox in order
* to finish ComboBox.
* Moved the font management from ProceduralGenerator to OverlayManager.
* Managed text alignment in TextOverlay.
* Removing the panel holding config controls in MainFrame.
2015-03-02 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added Material class which manages all shader activation, frame variables
* stuff.
* Overlays don't need Generator anymore.
* Removed Random class, now using c++11 random
* devices/engines/distributions.
* Corrected DLA (DoSwapBuffers instead of SwapBuffers).
2015-02-27 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected ColoredLifeGame and LifeGame so they don't use the front buffer
* anymore.
* GCC and wxWidgets 2.8 compliance.
* Finished to implement overlays with colour materials.
* Removed StatusBar, it is now implemented using overlays.
* The CPU and GPU steps times are in ProceduralGenerator. RenderPanel just
* retrieves them to update the status bar.
* Added a Render method to ProceduralGenerator.
* Worked on render loop, nearly ended.
* Just need to correct few bugs, I think the rendered buffer is the back
* buffer instead of front buffer.
* The GPU step is on the GUI thread and the CPU step is in another thread.
* The two steps are fired using a timer on the render panel.
* Corrected DoRender function for PanelOverlay and BorderPanelOverlay.
* Still working on TextOverlay.
2015-02-26 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added the arial.ttf file to the datas, it is copied to bin folder after
* Generator build.
* Added the possibility to modify the buffer access flags in
* GeometryBuffers, VertexBuffer, and IndexBuffer.
* Generator is now a shared library project.
* Added two macros : CONSTRUCT_NAMED and CONSTRUCT_ANONYMOUS to construct
* objects using initializer_lists if available, or using the traditional
* constructors if not available.
* Corrected Font bugs.
* Added text overlays shader programs, which add a sampler with the text
* texture.
* Implementing the overlays that will display the CPU and GPU times.
* Those times are now computed by ProceduralGenerator.
2015-02-24 Sylvain Doremus <>
* PanelOverlay is working.
* BorderPanelOverlay should be working too.
* Still some work with TextOverlays.
* Removed OverlayRenderer and GlOverlayRenderer classes, each overlay class
* renders itself.
* Added font support in Generator, which now depends on FreeType library.
* Added optional initializer_list constructor for Point, DynPoint and Vertex.
* Corrected Translator, for non existing files.
* Added GeometryBuffers class, to handle the vertex and index buffers.
2015-02-23 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Implemented Translator class.
* Removed Unicode, now Generator and plugins are compiled in MBCS, using
* UTF-8 std::string.
* In ProceduralGenerator application, the String variables are converted
* to wxString using wxConvUTF8.
* Removed wxFrame from ProceduralGenerator. Now only the borders size are
* given to ProceduralGenerator constructor.
* Removed wxWidgets from CMakeLists.txt, for Generator and plug-ins.
* The only remaining needed library for Generator is OpenGL.
* Removed Policy class.
* Uniformed the functions names (using CamelCase, except for 'swap' method)
2015-02-22 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Removed nude pointers on ProceduralGenerator objects.
2015-02-20 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Updated OCLProcessing.
* Plugin reviewed.
* Reviewed the includes to remove most wxWidgets includes.
* wxImage is removed from TextEffects
2015-02-18 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Removed wxImage for every plug-in except for TextEffects.
* Also removed wxTextFile, wxVsprintf.
2015-02-17 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected a bug in Voronoi2D and added a 'Reset' button.
* Introduced Position and Size classes.
* Removed few wxThings from Generator and plug-ins.
* Now the display size respects the image size ratio so no more deforming
* stretches.
2015-02-16 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Removed ControlInfos and SpecificControlParameters.
* Added Control and child classes.
* Removed wxString, wxSize and wxPoint from Generator and plugins.
2015-02-15 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Few files renaming.
* Also added a namespace for OpenGL objects
* Corrected the last bugs.
2015-02-14 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added doxygen for Core.
* Updated doxydoc.
* Removed Buffer pointers.
* Corrected plugins.
2015-02-13 Sylvain Doremus <>
* GCC compliance for frame variables.
* OpenCV 2.4.9 compliance on Linux.
* Removed every pointer from Generator and plugins.
2015-02-12 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Removed ProceduralGenerator nude pointers
* Removed OpenGl nude pointers, introduced two classes : GlHolder which
* holds a weak pointer to the OpenGl instance, and GlObject which holds
* the creation, destruction and validity check functions for OpenGL
* objects (such as textures, buffers, ...).
* GCC compliance.
* Removed OpenGl includes where it is not necessary, so now
* ProceduralGenerator don't include it.
* Reviewed includes and precompiled headers.
* Removed every wxEvent handler in Generator and plugins.
2015-02-11 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Nearly removed every wxEvent handler from Generator.
* Implemented the config panel using only signals in Generator.
* All the controls creation and events are now in ProceduralGenerator
* application.
2015-02-10 Sylvain Doremus <>
* GCC compliance
* Replaced wxThreads by std::threads and condition_variables
2015-02-09 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added vec2, vec3 and mat4 frame variables support.
* Corrected shaders.
* TextEffect is modernised, it is now rendered using only one pass.
2015-02-06 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Updated setup.
* Updated OpenCLProcessing.
* Began TextEffects update, but I will have to review it completely.
* Updated version numbers, to 2.0.0 for each project.
* Updated the OpenGL code. The ProceduralGenerator now holds a shader
* program which is used to render a simple texture => The computation
* result.
2013-05-13 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected GUI/thread related bugs in TextEffects, ImageEffects and
* GPUProgramming.
* in order to avoid most of GUI/thread related bugs.
* Generators must not use wxMessageBox or m_pMainFrame size functions, but
* must post those two new events.
* Added internationalisation support for plugins and main application.
* Now most MSVC compilation warnings are resolved (2 remaining ones).
2013-05-10 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Added new plugin : GPUProgramming, nearly the same as ShaderEffects but
* the image is resized to the generator size (the opposite of
* ShaderEffects).
* Added mouse position retrieval in ProceduralGenerator.
* Corrected all MSVC Level 4 warnings.
* Added chocolux GLSL shader code and mandelbrot fragment shader code.
2012-08-25 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Version 1.3.1 released
* Now using wxSizer classes to place elements and to resize main wxindow
2012-05-28 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Version 1.3.0 released
2012-05-27 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected DiffusionLimitedAggregation bug on non square resolutions
2012-05-26 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Corrected Gaussian Blur
* Reviewed a bit ShaderWebcam, now image is loaded in a worker thread
2012-05-20 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Reviewed thread system, now ProceduralGenerator is a detached thread, as
* are worker threads
* All GUI is created in main application (no more in shared libs)
* Communication between main app and plugins is managed throug events
* (ProceduralGenerator also extends wxEvtHandler)
* Correcting plugins to take care of that
2012-05-10 Sylvain Doremus <>
* Version released
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