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This is a simple library for N64 that allows one to code using the gcc compiler suite and nothing else. No proprietary library is needed. For more information, visit
To get started from scratch, follow the following steps:
1. Create a directory and copy the build script there from the tools/ directory.
2. Read the comments in the build script to see what additional packages are needed.
3. Run ./build from the created directory, let it build and install the toolchain.
4. Make libdragon by typing 'make' at the top level.
5. Install libdragon by typing 'make install' at the top level.
6. Install libpng-dev if not already installed.
7. Make the tools by typing 'make tools' at the top level.
8. Install the tools by typing 'make tools-install' at the top level.
9. Compile the examples by typing 'make examples' at the top level.
You are now ready to run the examples on your N64.
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