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Central Login System for Minecraft: Java Edition, not used for DragonProxy, due to security issues.
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Central Login Server

A login manager for linking Xbox Live and Mojang accounts, for DragonProxy

It's a draft, and i just learn Spring, so don't be too rude in comments / issues.


  • allow Minecraft XboxLive -> Mojang account linking

Build the image


Start the container

docker run --rm \
 -p 8080:8080 \
 -e CLIENT_TOKEN="cb341093-6711-4ddc-9751-47727c57b188" \
 -e PASSWORD_CIPHER="Bar12345Bar12345Bar12345Bar12345" \
 -e MYSQL_HOST=mysql \
 -e MYSQL_PORT=3306 \
 -e MYSQL_USER=root \
 -e MYSQL_PASS=root \
 -e MYSQL_DATA=dragon_proxy \
 --link mysql:mysql \
 -ti dragonet/cls:1.0.0

If you start the CLS without params, it will use default config, and generate a file in root project dir. If you want to override default config without env vaiables, copy the default config, and tweak.

Environement variables (override configuration)

  • CLIENT_TOKEN the internal session client token (must be changed for each different setups)
  • PASSWORD_CIPHER the key for cipher passwords in database (must be changed for each different setups)
  • PIN_EXPIRE_TIME max time for validate a pin code, in minute
  • MYSQL_* mysql configuration


  • better error handling
  • TLS
  • send unlink mail
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