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An extremely lightweight libvirt web UI that probably doesn't do what you want.
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An extremely lightweight libvirt web UI that probably doesn't do what you want.

  • Turn on/off/suspend/resume VMs.
  • Change the allocated maximum/current memory (VMs with memballoon will use the new settings instantly, if supported by the VM and libvirt).
  • Redirect local USB devices (will not work on remote hosts).

That's it. I needed a small "remote" for my VFIO VMs, and it works great for that, but will probably not do much more. Contributions are welcome, though!



  • git clone this repo somewhere. cd into its root.
  • mkdir instance && cp tinyvirt/ instance/
  • Edit the instance/ file as needed.
  • ./ and you're done - tinyvirt will start on the provided host.

The script will automatically create a virtualenv and install all the dependencies required, as specified by It shouldn't mess with your system-wide Python installation, but if you install all the dependencies and run it as a regular WSGI app in Apache or something, it should work just fine.

If you want to run it on boot, you might want to use this unit under systemd:

Description=A tiny libvirt management web UI.




All contributions are welcome! I've added just enough features I wanted, so I probably won't add too much new stuff myself, but if you'd like me to look into supporting something, create an issue or even contribute the feature. The code is a little bit messy here and there, but it wasn't exactly supposed to be public until someone asked me about sharing this.

What would be nice to have:

  • Security (currently there's none).
  • Simple VM creation (turns out it's a lot of work).
  • Remote device redirection (at the moment it's parsing local lsusb output, but libvirt exposes something called nodedev - not sure how it's used yet).


This software is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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