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  • Added two new methods for easy customization of the controller's flow: opinio_after_create_path and opinio_after_destroy_path
  • Changed default destroy conditions to false to prevent unsecure behaviour
  • Complete change in the opinio model removing unnecessary validations and leaving all the options to the developer instead of using the engine
  • Changed how opinio_subjectum handles the options passed, now letting you customize anything like you would in a has_many relationship


  • Fixed i18n support (thanks paxer)
  • Added strip_html_on_save (thanks paxer)
  • Added set_flash option
  • Added haml views (thanks eicca)


  • Moved shared examples so they can be used by the gem users
  • Small refactoring on some specs
  • Added a few specs to test #{opinio_model}_destroy_conditions
  • Fixed small issues and added kaminari gem on the install generator


  • Added specs for routing and controllers
  • Added respond_to html format on create and destroy