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An ML-style pattern-matching library for Common Lisp

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This is the README file for cl-match,
an extended--ML-style pattern-matching library for Common Lisp.

cl-match is Copyright (c) 2008 Daniel S. Bensen, and released 
under the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
(, known as the LLGPL.

The code was moved in 2011 to Github by Tony Garnock-Jones.


There are three ways to load cl-match:
* load the file load.lisp in this directory
* asdf-install :cl-match
* asdf-load the system files in this directory:
  * doodads       (general-purpose library)
  * cl-match      (pattern matching)
  * pcl-unit-test (unit testing framework)
  * cl-match-test (unit tests)

To learn how to use asdf, see the online asdf documentation here:


To test cl-match after loading, 
evaluate the form (cl-match-test::test-match).
cl-match has been tested on SBCL and Allegro CL.


* There's an html user's manual in the doc directory.
* pcl-unit-test is based on Peter Seibel's book Practical Common Lisp.
* cl-match is based in part on fare-matcher, by Fare Rideau.

Please direct any and all bug reports to the Github issue tracker,
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