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;;;load cl-match
;;;by Dan Bensen
(cl:in-package :cl-user)
;;; each file entry is a list of a pathname and filename
;;; lists starting with :serial are serially dependent
(cl:in-package :cl-user)
(let* ((root (make-pathname :name nil :type nil :version nil
:defaults (parse-namestring *load-truename*)))
(main-list `(:serial
((,root "pcl-unit-test") (,root "match"))
(,root "match-test"))))
(labels ((load-file (path name compiling)
(let* ((src (make-pathname :name name :type "lisp" :defaults path))
(fasl (compile-file-pathname src)))
(when (or compiling
(not (probe-file fasl))
(<= (file-write-date fasl) (file-write-date src))
(not (ignore-errors (load fasl) t)))
(setq compiling t)
(compile-file src)
(load fasl)))
(load-serial (list compiling)
(dolist (sublist list compiling)
(when (load-list sublist compiling)
(setf compiling t))))
(load-list (list compiling-now)
(let ((car (car list)))
(cond ((eq car :serial) (load-serial (cdr list) compiling-now))
((pathnamep car) (load-file car (cadr list) compiling-now))
(compiling-now (dolist (sublist list t)
(load-list sublist t)))
(t (let (compiling-next)
(dolist (sublist list compiling-next)
(when (load-list sublist nil)
(setf compiling-next t)))))))))
(with-compilation-unit ()
(load (merge-pathnames (make-pathname :name "load" :type "lisp"
:directory '(:relative "std"))
(load-list main-list nil))))