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;;; cl-match: extended--ML-style pattern matching
;; This software is Copyright (c) 2008 Daniel S. Bensen.
;; You are hereby granted permission to distribute and use this software
;; as governed by the terms of the Lisp Lesser GNU Public License
;; (,
;; known as the LLGPL.
;; This software is provided "as is" with no express or implied warranty.
;;TODO: array string
(declaim (optimize (debug 3)))
(std:in-defpackage :cl-match (:use :cl :std) (:export :cl-match-pattern)
(:export :ifmatch :letmatch :match :defpattern))
(def all-equal (xs)
[(not xs) or (let1 x0 (car xs) (apply #'andf (mapcar #f[_ equal x0] (cdr xs))))])
(defstruct vgt vars gensyms test) ;; a complete test with vars & gensyms
(defstruct conj vars tests gensyms ors whens) ;; a conjunction of subtests
;;;The first occurance of each variable name is pushed onto vars.
;;;Gensyms, tests, and whens are all pushed onto their respective fields.
(defstruct x-or x patrns level) ;; x = expr, implicit OR
(def new-x-or (x patrns level) (make-x-or :x x :patrns patrns :level level))
(def new-vgt (vars gensyms test) (make-vgt :vars vars :gensyms gensyms :test test))
(def new-conj (&optional vars tests gensyms ors whens)
(make-conj :vars vars :tests tests :gensyms gensyms :ors ors :whens whens))
(defmac let-vgt (fields val &body body) `(letstruct (vgt- ,@fields) ,val ,@body))
(defmac let-conj (fields val &body body) `(letstruct (conj- ,@fields) ,val ,@body))
(defmac asrt (test vars mesg &rest mesg-args)
`(assert ,test ,vars ,(concstr "~A: " mesg) gfuncname ,@mesg-args))
(def is-small-type (x) "Arg's printed representation is compact."
(typep x '(or symbol boolean float fixnum character keyword)))
(def is-big-type (x) (not [x is-small-type]))
(def is-literal (x) "Arg is a literal value."
(typep x '(or boolean number character array keyword)))
(def is-wildcard (x) [(symbolp x) and [(symbol-name x) string= "_"]])
(defmacro setft (x val) `(progn (setf ,x ,val) t))
(defmacro setf-cons (x val) `(and (consp ,val) (setf ,x ,val)))
(defmac with-gensym-conj ((conj gensym expr &rest tests) &body body)
"Create and bind a conj with a gensym, a setft form, and optional tests."
(let1 gensym-is-list [gensym islist]
(if gensym-is-list
(assert [gensym has-length 2] (gensym)
"with-gensym-conj: list gensym must have exactly two elements.")
(assert [gensym is-symbol] (gensym) "gensym must be a symbol or list."))
(let* (( x (if gensym-is-list (car gensym) gensym))
(name (if gensym-is-list (cadr gensym) nil))
(gensym-form (if name `(gensym ,name) '(gensym))))
(with-gensyms (expr-is-big all-tests)
`(let* ((,expr-is-big [,expr is-big-type])
(,x (if ,expr-is-big ,gensym-form ,expr))
(,all-tests (list ,@tests)))
(when ,expr-is-big (push `(setft ,,x ,,expr) ,all-tests))
(let1 ,conj (new-conj nil (nreverse ,all-tests) [,expr-is-big and (list ,x)])
(def patrn-type (x)
(if [x isstring] x
(if [x is-symbol] (symbol-name x)
(error "Bad pattern type: ~S" x))))
(def type= (x y) [(patrn-type x) string= (patrn-type y)])
(defmacro pushand (test tests) `(unless [,test eq t] (push ,test ,tests)))
(def push-gensym (gensym conj) (push gensym (conj-gensyms conj)))
(def push-test ( test conj) (unless [test eq t] (push test (conj-tests conj))))
(def push-conj (src dest)
(asrt (conj-p dest) (dest) "dest is not a conj")
(when src
(asrt (conj-p src) (src) "src is not a conj")
(pushlist (conj-vars src) (conj-vars dest)) ; uniq only!
(pushlist (conj-tests src) (conj-tests dest))
(pushlist (conj-gensyms src) (conj-gensyms dest))
(pushlist (conj-ors src) (conj-ors dest))
(pushlist (conj-whens src) (conj-whens dest)))
(def quote-conj (expr parts)
(asrt [parts has-length 1] (parts) "must have exactly one part.")
(new-conj nil (list `[,expr eql ',(car parts)])))
(def atom-conj (expr atom vars)
(cond ([atom is-wildcard] (new-conj))
((not atom) (new-conj nil (list `(not ,expr))))
((find atom vars) (new-conj nil (list `[,expr eql ,atom])))
([atom is-literal]
(typecase atom
(number (new-conj nil (list `[,expr = ,atom])))
(string (new-conj nil (list `[,expr string= ,atom])))
(t (new-conj nil (list `[,expr eql ,atom])))))
([[atom is-literal]
or (find atom vars)] (new-conj nil (list `[,expr eql ,atom])))
(t (new-conj (list atom) (list `(setft ,atom ,expr))))))
(def as-conj (expr parts vars)
(assert parts (parts) "AS pattern: no variable name.")
(assert (not (cddr parts)) (parts) "AS pattern: too many parts.")
(let ((name (car parts))
(patrn (if (cdr parts) (cadr parts) '_)))
(assert (not [name is-literal]) (name)
"Literal found in AS pattern. 1st arg must be a name.")
(let1 conj (cond ([name is-wildcard] (new-conj))
((find name vars) (new-conj nil (list `[,expr eql ,name])))
(t (new-conj (list name) (list `(setft ,name ,expr)))))
(push-conj (patrn-conj expr patrn vars)
(def and-conj (expr patrns vars)
(case (length patrns)
(0 (new-conj))
(1 (patrn-conj expr (car patrns) vars))
(t (with-gensym-conj (conj (x "AND") expr)
(dolist (patrn patrns conj)
(push-conj (patrn-conj x patrn (append (conj-vars conj) vars))
(def or-vgts (x-or vars more when)
(let ((x (x-or-x x-or))
(level (x-or-level x-or)))
(mapcar #f(patrn-vgt x _ vars more when level) (x-or-patrns x-or))))
(def ors-vgt (vars ors when)
"vars & test for a list/conjunction of OR forms"
(eif (no ors)
(new-vgt nil nil [when or t])
(let* ((item (car ors)) ;; x-or (from OR) or conj (from NOT)
(more (cdr ors))
(vgts ;;(typecase item
( or-vgts item vars more when))
;;(conj (not-vgts item vars more when))
;;(t (error "ORS-VGT: Bad item: ~S" item))))
(varlists (mapcar #'vgt-vars vgts)))
(asrt (all-same-vars varlists) (varlists) "Found unequal varlists.")
(new-vgt (vgt-vars (car vgts))
(apply #'append (mapcar #'vgt-gensyms vgts))
`(or ,@(mapcar #'vgt-test vgts))))))
(def is-vals-patrn (patrn) [[patrn islist :min-length 1] and [(car patrn) type= :vals]])
(def is-when-guard (patrn) [[patrn islist :length 3] and [(car patrn) type= :when]])
(def are-all-vals (parts)
(apply #'andf (mapcar (lambda (part)
[[part is-vals-patrn]
or [[part is-when-guard] and [(caddr part) is-vals-patrn]]])
(def or-conj (expr parts vars &optional old-level)
(case (length parts)
(0 (new-conj nil (list nil)))
(1 (patrn-conj expr (car parts) vars old-level))
(t (let1 new-level (case old-level (:top :top) (t :or))
(eif (not [parts are-all-vals])
(with-gensym x
(new-conj nil (list `(setft ,x ,expr))
(list x) (list (new-x-or x parts new-level))))
(asrt [old-level eq :top] () "VALS pattern is allowed only at the top level.")
(new-conj nil nil nil (list (new-x-or expr parts new-level))))))))
(def list*-conj (expr parts vars &optional (type "LIST*"))
(asrt parts nil "No tail in ~A pattern" type)
(eif (no (cdr parts))
(patrn-conj expr (car parts) vars) ;tail only
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x type) expr)
(let* ((revparts (nreverse parts))
(tail (car revparts))
(elements (nreverse (cdr revparts))))
(flet ((push-patrn (x patrn)
(push-conj (patrn-conj x patrn (append (conj-vars conj) vars))
(cond ((not (cdr elements)) ;only 1 cons, don't need CELL
(push-test `(consp ,x) conj)
(push-conj (patrn-conj `(car ,x) (car elements) vars) conj)
(push-patrn `(cdr ,x) tail))
(t (with-gensym (cell "CELL") ;at least 2 conses
(push-test `(setf-cons ,cell ,x) conj)
(push-gensym cell conj)
(flet ((push-item (item)
(with-gensym (car "CAR")
(push-test `(setft ,car (car ,cell)) conj)
(push-gensym car conj)
(push-patrn car item))))
(push-item (car elements))
(dolist (item (cdr elements))
(push-test `(setf-cons ,cell (cdr ,cell)) conj)
(push-item item))
(push-patrn `(cdr ,cell) tail)))))
(def list-conj (expr parts vars) (list*-conj expr (append parts (list nil)) vars "LIST"))
(def cons-conj (expr parts vars)
(assert [parts has-length 2] (parts) "CONS pattern must have exactly two parts.")
(list*-conj expr parts vars "CONS"))
(def std-object-conj (expr parts vars typestr f-exists f-bound f-expr)
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x typestr) expr `(typep ,x 'standard-object))
(dolist (part parts conj)
(let* ((part-is-atom (atom part))
(name (if part-is-atom part (car part))))
(when f-exists
(push-test (funcall f-exists x name) conj))
(asrt [part-is-atom or (not (cddr part))] (part) "too many items in ~A entry" typestr)
(let1 slot-patrn (if part-is-atom part (if (cdr part) (cadr part) '_))
(unless [slot-patrn is-wildcard]
(when f-bound
(push-test (funcall f-bound x name) conj))
(push-conj (patrn-conj (funcall f-expr x name) slot-patrn
(append (conj-vars conj) vars)) conj)))))))
(def acsrs-conj (expr parts vars)
(std-object-conj expr parts vars "ACSRS" nil nil (lambda (x acsr) `(,acsr ,x))))
(def slots-conj (expr parts vars)
(std-object-conj expr parts vars "SLOTS"
(lambda (x slot) `(slot-exists-p ,x ',slot))
(lambda (x slot) `(slot-boundp ,x ',slot))
(lambda (x slot) `(slot-value ,x ',slot))))
(def struct-conj (expr parts vars)
(assert parts nil "No accessor prefix in STRUCT pattern")
(let* ((struct- (car parts))
(prefix (string-or-symbol-name struct-))
(struct-p (find-symbol (concstr prefix "P"))))
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x "STRUCT") expr `(,struct-p ,x))
(dolist (part (cdr parts) conj)
(let* ((part-is-atom (atom part))
(field-symbol (if part-is-atom part (car part)))
(struct-field (find-symbol (concstr prefix (symbol-name field-symbol))))
(field-expr `(,struct-field ,x))
(all-vars (append (conj-vars conj) vars)))
(eif part-is-atom
(push-conj (atom-conj field-expr part all-vars) conj)
(assert (not (cddr part)) (part) "STRUCT pattern: too many items in field entry")
(when [(cdr part) and (not [(cadr part) is-wildcard])]
(push-conj (patrn-conj field-expr (cadr part) all-vars) conj))))))))
(def array-dims (rank vals)
(asrt [rank isint :>= 0] (rank) "Rank must be a non-negative integer.")
[[rank >0] and
(let* ((dim (length vals))
(lower-dims (mapcar #f(array-dims [rank - 1] _) vals)))
(asrt (all-equal lower-dims) (lower-dims) "dimensions don't match.")
(cons dim (car lower-dims)))])
(def subarray-conj (array hi-bak-ns lo-dims patrn vars elt-type)
(eif (no lo-dims)
(patrn-conj `(aref ,array ,@(reverse hi-bak-ns))
(if elt-type `(type ,elt-type ,patrn) patrn) vars)
(asrt [(length patrn) = (car lo-dims)] (lo-dims patrn) "dimension mismatch.")
(let1 conj (new-conj)
(count-list (n p patrn conj)
(push-conj (subarray-conj array (cons n hi-bak-ns) (cdr lo-dims)
p (append (conj-vars conj) vars) elt-type)
(def array-conj (expr parts vars)
(asrt [parts islist :length 2] (parts) "ARRAY pattern takes exactly 2 args.")
(let* ((spec (car parts))
(spec-is-list [spec islist]))
(when spec-is-list
(asrt (not (cddr spec)) (spec) "Too many elements in ARRAY pattern spec."))
(let* (( rank (if spec-is-list (car spec) spec))
(elt-type (if spec-is-list (cadr spec) nil))
(patrn (cadr parts))
(dims (array-dims rank patrn)))
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x "ARRAY") expr `(arrayp ,x) `[(array-dimensions ,x) equal ',dims])
(push-conj (subarray-conj x nil dims patrn vars elt-type)
(def vec-conj (expr parts vars) ; (array-conj expr (cons (list 1) parts) vars))
(asrt [parts islist :min-length 1 :max-length 2] (parts) "VEC pattern takes 1 or 2 args.")
(let* ((patrn (car parts))
(elt-type (cadr parts))
(length (length patrn)))
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x "VEC") expr `(vectorp ,x) `[(length ,x) = ,length])
(push-conj (subarray-conj x nil (list length) patrn vars elt-type)
(def type-conj (expr parts vars)
(asrt [parts islist :min-length 1 :max-length 2] (parts) "TYPE pattern takes 1 or 2 args.")
(let1 type (car parts)
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x "TYPE") expr `(typep ,x ',type))
(when (cdr parts) (push-conj (patrn-conj x (cadr parts) vars) conj))
(def vals-conj (gensyms patrns level)
(asrt [level eq :top] () "Vals pattern is allowed only at the top level.")
(asrt [(length gensyms) = (length patrns)] (gensyms patrns)
"gensym & pattern list lengths don't match.")
(eif (no patrns) (new-conj)
(let ((conj (new-conj))
(pairs (mapcar #'cons gensyms patrns)))
(dolist (pair pairs conj)
(push-conj (patrn-conj (car pair) (cdr pair) (conj-vars conj))
(def when-conj (expr parts vars level)
(asrt (find level '(:top :or)) (level) "misplaced WHEN guard.")
(asrt parts nil "No test in WHEN guard.")
(asrt (not (cddr parts)) (parts) "Too many parts in WHEN guard")
(let1 conj (new-conj nil nil nil nil (list (car parts)))
(when (cdr parts)
(push-conj (patrn-conj expr (cadr parts) vars level)
(def default-conj (expr patrn vars &optional level)
(let ((type (patrn-type (car patrn)))
(parts (cdr patrn)))
(strcase type
("ACSRS" ( acsrs-conj expr parts vars))
("AND" ( and-conj expr parts vars))
("ARRAY" ( array-conj expr parts vars))
("AS" ( as-conj expr parts vars))
("CONS" ( cons-conj expr parts vars))
("LIST" ( list-conj expr parts vars))
("LIST*" ( list*-conj expr parts vars))
("QUOTE" ( quote-conj expr parts))
("SLOTS" ( slots-conj expr parts vars))
("STRUCT" (struct-conj expr parts vars))
("OR" ( or-conj expr parts vars level))
("TYPE" ( type-conj expr parts vars))
("VALS" ( vals-conj expr parts level))
("VEC" ( vec-conj expr parts vars))
("WHEN" ( when-conj expr parts vars level))
(t (error "Unknown pattern: ~S" type)))))
(def patrn-conj (expr patrn vars &optional level)
(eif (atom patrn)
(atom-conj expr patrn vars)
(let1 type-spec (car patrn)
(eif [type-spec has-type '(or string keyword)]
(default-conj expr patrn vars level)
(assert [type-spec is-symbol] (type-spec) "Pattern type must be a string or symbol.")
(let1 xformr (get type-spec 'cl-match-pattern)
(eif xformr
(patrn-conj expr (funcall xformr (cdr patrn)) vars level)
(default-conj expr patrn vars level)))))))
(def all-same-vars (unsorted-lists)
(let1 lists (copy-tree unsorted-lists)
(mapc #f(sort _ #'string< :key #'symbol-name)
(all-equal lists)))
(def patrn-vgt (expr patrn &optional oldvars old-ors old-when level)
(let-conj (vars gensyms tests ors whens)
(patrn-conj expr patrn oldvars level)
(let ((vars (nreverse vars ))
(gensyms (nreverse gensyms))
(tests (nreverse tests ))
(ors (append (nreverse ors ) old-ors))
(whens (append (nreverse whens ) [old-when and (list old-when)])))
(if (no ors)
(new-vgt vars gensyms [(not [tests or whens]) or `(and ,@tests ,@whens)])
(with-gensym when
(let-vgt ((or-vars vars)
(or-gensyms gensyms)
(or-test test))
(ors-vgt vars ors [whens and `(,when)])
(let1 test
(if (no whens)
`(and ,@tests ,or-test)
`(and ,@tests (flet ((,when () (and ,@whens))) ,or-test)))
(append vars or-vars)
(append [whens and (list when)] gensyms or-gensyms)
(def patrn-vgt-top (expr patrn) (patrn-vgt expr patrn nil nil nil :top))
(def binding-test (multibindings)
(let1 tests '()
(dolist (mb multibindings)
(let1 var (car mb)
(dolist (expr (cdadr mb)) ;the rest of the bindings
(push `[,var eql ,expr] tests))))
(case (length tests)
(0 t)
(1 (car tests))
(t `(and ,@(nreverse tests)))))))
(def num-gensyms (patrn)
[[patrn iscons] and
(let ((type (car patrn))
(parts (cdr patrn)))
(if [type type= :vals] (length parts)
(and [type type= :or]
[parts are-all-vals]
(let1 nums (mapcar (lambda (part) (length (cdr part))) parts)
(if (reduce #'= nums) (car nums)
(error "OR pattern: VALS must all have the same length."))))))])
(def clause-form (block x clause)
(let-vgt (vars gensyms test) (patrn-vgt-top x (car clause))
(let* ((bindings (append vars gensyms))
(body (cdr clause))
(form `(return-from ,block ,(if (cdr body) `(progn ,@body) (car body)))))
(unless [test eq t] (setf form `(when ,test ,form)))
(when bindings (setf form `(let ,bindings ,form)))
(def match-core (block x clauses)
(if (and (no (cddr clauses)) [(cadr clauses) eq t]) ;ifmatch
(let-vgt (vars gensyms test) (patrn-vgt-top x (caar clauses))
(let* ((bindings (append vars gensyms))
(form `(progn ,(cdar clauses)))
(got-a-test (not [test eq t]))
(failbody (cddr clauses)))
(when got-a-test (setf form `(when ,test ,(if failbody `(return-from ,block ,form)
(when bindings (setf form `(let ,bindings ,form)))
(when [failbody and got-a-test] (setf form `(block ,block ,form ,@failbody)))
(mapcar #1f(clause-form block x) clauses)))
(def succeed (code) (if (cdr code) `(progn ,@code) (car code)))
(defmac match (expr &rest clauses) ;;TODO: check for symbol macros.
(with-gensyms ((var "VAR") (block "MATCH"))
(let* ((num-gensyms (num-gensyms (caar clauses))) ;; patrn is vals
(expr-is-big (not [expr is-small-type]))
(expr-syms [num-gensyms and (gensyms num-gensyms)])
(expr-var (if num-gensyms expr-syms (if expr-is-big var expr)))
(code (match-core block expr-var clauses)))
(if num-gensyms
(setf code (list `(multiple-value-bind ,expr-syms ,expr
(declare (ignorable ,@expr-syms)) ,@code)))
(when expr-is-big
(setf code (list `(let ((,var ,expr)) (declare (ignorable ,var)) ,@code)))))
`(block ,block ,@code))))
(defmac ifmatch (patrn expr succeed &body failbody)
"Evaluate success form if pattern matches expression, failure forms if not."
`(match ,expr (,patrn ,succeed) (_ ,@failbody)))
(defmac letmatch (patrn expr &body success)
`(ifmatch (,patrn ,expr ,(succeed success) (error "LETMATCH: mismatch."))))
(defmac defpattern (patrn args &body body)
(check-type patrn symbol "DEFPATTERN: 1st arg must a symbol")
(setf (get ',patrn 'cl-match-pattern) #f(let1 ,args _ ,@body))))
(def array-conj (expr parts vars)
(asrt [parts islist :min-length 2 :max-length 3] (parts) "ARRAY pattern takes 2 or 3 args.")
(let* ((rank (car parts))
(patrn (cadr parts))
(elt-type (caddr parts))
(dims (array-dims rank patrn)))
(with-gensym-conj (conj (x "ARRAY") expr `(arrayp ,x) `[(array-dimensions ,x) equal ',dims])
(push-conj (subarray-conj x nil dims patrn vars elt-type)
;;(def not-vgts (conj oldvars more when) ;(not conj) -> (or (not tests) {(not or)}* (not guards))
;; (let* ((allvars (allvars conj oldvars more when))
;; (test-vgt (test-vgt `(not (and ,@tests)) oldvars more when))
;; (conj-vgts (mapcar #f(conj-vgt _ oldvars more when)
;;each negated OR becomes a conj
;;(not conj) -> (or test conj* guard) test, conj's, & guard have been negated
;;(def not-patrn (patrn) `(not ,patrn))
;;(def not-or-conj (x patrns vars) (and-conj x (mapcar #'not-patrn patrns) vars))
(def not-conj (expr parts vars)
(assert [parts has-length 1] (parts) "NOT pattern must have exactly one part.")
(with-gensym-conj (not-conj (x "NOT") expr)
(let1 patrn-conj (patrn-conj x (car parts) vars)
(eif [(conj-ors patrn-conj) or (conj-whens patrn-conj)]
(setf (conj-ors not-conj) (list patrn-conj)) ;; patrn-conj will be negated in OR-VGT
(let* ((tests (append (conj-tests patrn-conj)
(conj-tests not-conj))
(not-test (case (length tests)
(0 nil)
(1 `(not ,(car tests)))
(t `(not (and ,@(nreverse tests)))))))
(setf (conj-tests not-conj) (list not-test)))))