A simple interactive console for Kohana (v3.2.0)
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Kohana Console

What is it?

This module is designed to be an interactive console for the Kohana (v3.2.0) framework. It's meant to be used from the command line, allowing you to create objects, run methods, quickly test ideas, etc.


Drop this directory somewhere on your development machine, add it to your application's bootstrap.php and run the following code in your htdocs folder:

php index.php --uri=console

You should then see a prompt like the following:

Enter an empty line to exit.
Kohana 3.2.0>

What can I do with it?

You ought to be able to do almost anything with it. I realise that the regular expression I've used to detect whether or not the code can be assigned will almost certainly need changing, but I'll address that as and when I find more edge cases.

Try the following:

$x = 5



And you don't have to have everything on one line, either. If your braces don't match, then Console will assume that you're building a "stack" of commands:

Kohana 3.2.0> foreach (array(1, 2, 3) as $v) {
...> 	echo $v, PHP_EOL;
...> }
Kohana 3.2.0>

Once you've started a "stack", simply enter a blank line at the "...> " prompt to execute it.


Please feel free to fork this code and add features, or fix bugs. Drop me a pull request if you think what you've done would be useful for others.