A managed Tls Library without all the baggage
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A series of libraries and packages that provide security and crypto functions.

Ephemeral Buffers

  1. Provide memory buffers that do not get paged to disk
  2. Memory is zeroed when returned to the pool, disposed or finialized
  3. Memory is zeroed when the pool is disposed or finialized
  4. Working set can be increased automatically (on windows only at the moment) as the virtual lock size on windows per process is my default only 2mb in size.

Managed TLS for Pipelines

A interest learning exercise in producing a TLS 1.3 Library based off the experimental "Pipelines" from CoreFXLabs.

Currently supports TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 Draft 18, Draft 19 is a WIP.

Thanks to Mint/Tris who I have used to help understand from.

Currently uses OpenSsl 1.1, and Windows CNG for the crypto part and supports

Hello Retry, and standard Handshake.

Now supports/downgrades to TLS 1.3 Correctly

AESxxx-GCM ChaCha20/Poly ECDSA certificates RSA certificates

Key exchanges (All now supported)

Some support for Windows CNG is working, most extensions. Multiple server certificates, secure renegotiation

https://tls13.cetus.io was hosting a site running on it (but the free hosting ran out). It ran for 4 weeks serving the TLS 1.3 spec without any downtime.

  1. x25519
  2. x448
  3. ffdhe8192
  4. ffdhe6144
  5. ffdhe4096
  6. ffdhe3072
  7. ffdhe2048
  8. secp521r1
  9. secp384r1
  10. secp256r1

This library aims to prove out the use case for Pipelines having a native TLS library and for how TLS 1.3 can be implemented in that library.

Help and submissions are welcome!