Baidu Yuyin RESTful API Node JS Implementation.
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Baidu Yuyin API

npm version Dependency Status



Need Nodejs v6 above to run this module.


npm install baidu-yuyin-api


var BaiduYuyin = require("baidu-yuyin-api");

// Init Baidu Yuyin API.
// Make sure the apiKey and secretKey are set.
// afplay is default player for Mac OS.
// For windows, can use vlc or wmplayer instead.
var speech = new BaiduYuyin(apiKey, secretKey, 'afplay', null, false); 

// Options
var optt = {tex: 'English testing, Hello world', lan: 'zh'}; // Text to speech, language not support English.
var optcn = {lan: 'zh'};
var opten = {format: 'wav', lan: 'en'};

speech.on('ready', () => {
    // Text to speech
    .then(() => {
        return speech.speak(null, optt);
    .then(() => {
        return speech.speak("测试结束");
    .then(() => {
        return speech.recognize(fs.readFileSync('./test.pcm'), optcn);
    .then(() => {
        return speech.recognize(fs.readFileSync('./test_en.wav'), opten);


Clone the repo to local, and run npm install && npm test.

Change Logs

Update 0.1.9 [2016-12-02]

  • Fix the auto renew session token

Update 0.1.8 [2016-12-01]

  • Make sure only renew session file when necessary
  • Minor fixes on README
  • Correct miss spelling words

Update 0.1.7 [2016-11-30]

  • Fix the samples in README
  • Add test API key in config.json
  • Auto renew session token if it expired (30 days)

Update 0.1.6 [2016-11-29]

  • Update README
  • Update test samples
  • Text to speech not support English output

Update 0.1.4 [2016-11-29]

  • Supporting speech recognition
  • Using NODE_DEBUG=request node test.js to test HTTP request

Update 0.1.3 [2016-11-28]

  • Using Linux file system
  • Support wmplayer and vlc player on Windows platform

Update 0.1.2 [2016-11-27]

  • Rewrite code style
  • Fix minor issues