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Education on Mars - A selective knowledge base
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Education on Mars - A selective knowledge base

Launching #DreamBig's Mars Project. Join the moonshot open source project to develop the knowledge base for survival and settlement of Humans on Mars.

In this 21st century, we on Earth, take some basic building blocks for granted. We don't stop to contemplate, the origins of structure, stability and raw material, much less, remember the origin of fire, the first farming animal, the first farmed crop or clothing.

When the first batch of humans arrive at Mars, they will be a hand picked group that achieve the IQ, skill set and physical health endurance qualifiers. However, they will still need access to a knowledge base that will help them develop the planet for human settlement. We can't expect to send people with every possible skill set. This selected group may most likely have a super-set of skills or best-fit skills. It will be like kindling a fire from a scratch, without wood or matchsticks. How will they achieve this?

Questions: 1.What building blocks will be needed for survival and proliferation on Mars? 2.Can we accomplish a Taxonomy based Mega Aggregator of all the knowledge held on the servers of the internet? Can we build this into a self learning, self evolving system? Is IBM’s Watson suited for this role? 3.What will be the best format to present the information; A cybernetics speech machine making cyber-conversation; a much evolved version of Siri or Cortana, with the ability to present videos or labeled holograms? or will there be electrical or chemical neuro transmitters that program brain memory cells with enhanced knowledge base, as needed; much akin to taking a pill to learn Calculus or Organic Chemistry or even learning to speak or program in a certain language? 4.With an on-board knowledge base server on the space shuttle, what forms of redundancies will be needed and how will updates be addressed with new found knowledge on Earth or vice-versa?  5.It will be several years before the first Mars spacecraft, with the first payload of passengers arrive on the planet. The next generation of the Mars travelers and settlers, what approach will they take for dissemination of education?

These and several questions exist!

##DreamBig is looking not just for answers but more viable questions to formulate the problem statements that will need solving, on our journey to Mars.

##Join #DreamBigMarsProject - "Education on Mars".

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